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Why Trump was Elected - North Korea issue: Proving the Wild Dogs spirit reigning in the States

Previously by Franco TaMere

Trump got elected, Big Deal! All I'm worried about is how to replace Obama's pic by the one of his face.
Some may argue, that you can't keep up the conflicts between the 2 sides from an anthropological perspective. That's rights, anthropology defined the 2 sides between Good and Evil centuries ago, the corruption of the soul is not an exact science, cross breeding, Zionism indoctrination, and Evil control been happening in this modern times at an extensive level. It's just a way to represent the root of what humanity has come to, mostly the discovery of the new world, enslavement of African, genocide of native Americans and the so-called holocaust, now those 3 groups will be united under the U.S forming the Zionist empire, and go on on a rampage worldwide, white Americans lost their identity long time ago, and they are being indoctrinated and manipulated to serve Zionist agenda, without even realizing it.

The Aftermath of WWII: Never Again!
About the formation of blocs and alliance in this modern times following the aftermath of WWII, The U.S is like raped japan's sovereignty after the 2 nuclear bombing, the result is today's Japan as a baby surviving an abortion called Hiroshima and Nagasaki. South Korea is under the U.S protectorate and it's like another Israel in Asia aiming to spread Zionist domination in the region.

China is like the gentle giant until now, starting to form authority in the region due to its economic weight and mainly to their holy alliance with Russia. Other Asian nations are like what I called in my marginal fluctuations between major blocs or the bipolar world.


Of course, North Korea may be presented as a model of bravery as far as we go in stereotyping Asian nations.

Below is a video representing Why Trump was elected responding to a cultural issue:

Blocs forming, still fragile
Her we can put things in the global perspective of poles forming and balance of strength conditioned by formation of Alliances, The U.K. talk from an authoritative stand using a ton that, without being firm, is representing a position of a dominant power addressing an subordinate part, which is definitely, not the case if we take the U.K out of the global context of poles of strength and alliances, Russia could wipe the U.K from the surface of earth in less than an hour, but the U.K, same as all western countries address Russia from a pseudo position of strength because of the polarity the community international is taking mostly a west and NATO vs. Russia and its newly not decided allies.
Now, if China and other allies take a firm position alongside with Russia to form a solid bloc, a counterbalance of power, and a new world pole to oppose the monopoly of the U.S and the west overall dominance in the international affairs, the U.K, as well as other western nations won't address Russia that way, talking about Bear and Claws (by the way all western countries, while they put a Lion in their coat of arms suck a monkey's dick by the name of diversity).

But unfortunately, China and other potential allies instead of aiming at forming a counterbalance to the western dominance, are more worried about their economic interests than to save the planet from Satan control. If Russia had a strong alliance and all act at one direction same as Zionist regimes, the U.S and western countries repeat the same symphony, the U.K won't dare address the Bear that way if it implies addressing China and other allies as well. But, helas the new forming bloc is still fragile and lack the confidence to act and decide on the international arena.

Clever and eloquent response from Russian defense minister. “While on the ‘animal’ topic… What do they [UK] have on their coat of arms? A lion, I guess. There is an old saying: all lions are felines, but not all felines are lions. Let everyone mind their own business. I don’t think that there is an animal in their zoo that can tell a bear what to do,” Sergey Shoigu said while answering questions from students at a conference held by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations on Tuesday. ‘Don’t tell a bear what to do’: Russia brushes off UK warning not ‘to stick paws in’ Libya.


Below, a video representing the Election of Trump as a response to an existential threat to the Zionist empire: 


Vladimir Putin yesterday said that “95% of the world’s terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the CIA,” and the St. Petersburg metro bombing must be investigated “with this in mind.“

Putin said: “If the CIA have Russian blood on their hands, they will forever regret stirring the Russian bear from its peaceful slumber.”

When questioned by a top aide as to whether the 95% figure was accurate, Putin sighed heavily and fixed the assembled group with his trademark stare before explaining that in regards to how the world is run, all is not how it seems.

Putin affirms that the CIA is a rogue element of the Deep State, and “an expression of the will of world oligarchy and their vision for a New World Order.“

He claims that CIA exists today as part of America – but it is certainly not American. “The CIA does not work on behalf of the American people or act in their interests.”

Asked if he thought the St Petersburg bomb was the beginning of a CIA plot to oust him from power, as has been suggested in the media, Putin answered, “It will take more than a bag of tricks in a subway to make me blink.“

Putin also told: "mankind has been manipulated to become “unconscious” through the use of programming by media and politics.


From Hitler vs. Jews the Humanity vs. Zionism

This explains why another Hitler or Hitler 2.0, wont rise up. Hitler as a person was addressing a limited issue of Jews existence and manipulation of German politics. Jews evolved into a more complicated ideology called Zionism, which is hard to define or limit at a certain religion or racial group, which explain modern days Hitler won't be a person, but an opposing ideology or entity exposing Zionism dirty tricks and uncovering the real evil nature of this plague infesting the planet. Anybody can fit in the role of modern days Hitler, from north Korea leader to Iranian president passing by all the regimes that oppose the existence of evil Zionism in the planet. Moscow barbershop creates uproar by offering ‘Hitler Youth’ haircuts for toddlers.


Angels on fire
They fall from the sky

Heaven and hell will be burning tonight

Covered in ashes I cry out your name

And out of the flames
We will rise again

Run into the shadows where we hide
Bodies tender as our worlds collide
Nothing is sacred and everything's wrong
But you and I keep holding on

Angels on fire
They fall from the sky
Heaven and hell will be burning tonight
Covered in ashes I cry out your name
And out of the flames
We will rise again

                 We Will rise Again
                                            --The Scorpions


Trump Election: necessity to save the Zionist Empire

Trump, Obama, Clinton or Bush, its multiple facades for the same Beast. The Beast that felt the imminent danger coming from the new emerging bloc. The Beast that is terrified that all its lies are exposed including ISIS, used to whitewash its crimes.

Exactly, by eradicating ISIS, Zionist regimes losing a major card, and they will have to go back to their old arguments to destabilize, invade by the name of establishing freedom and democracy, like, searching for imaginary WMD for example, ISIS which still vague in roots and definition got ambiguous ambitions, one thing is sure, it serves to eradicate American and Israelis image as modern time war criminals, and it seems that they are taking on the sins of more than a million of casualties caused in the demarches of establishing freedom and democracy in the middle east, not even talking about Israelis genocide in Palestine. Here, Putin seems to be trying to do what the pentagon and their clowns coalitions failed to do by flying over, bombing the grounds in the desert, and dropping weapons and ammunitions on their way back. 

America won't have excuse for presence next to the Assad regime its main target. Il faut cesser, selon lui, d’instrumentaliser certains groupes terroristes en vue de renverser des régimes politiques considérés comme indésirables. On ne pourra pas chasser les terroristes de Syrie sans coopérer avec Damas, a-t-il ajouté. Syrie: Poutine veut éradiquer l'Etat islamique et exhorte les américains à renoncer à leurs ambitions géopolitiques en jouant un double jeu:

NATO and ISIS, 2 facades for the same coin

...Dealing with Devil, They lured you to a war that you have nothing to do with either from geopolitical, perspective or national security threat, if ISIS threatening to strike Russia it’s a part of boosting the bait, the whole ISIS thing is consequence of Iraqi invasion and Americans placing its boots on the ground by using stupid mercenaries to overthrow Al Assad, a well-known Russian protégé, Now, they pretend all the above is wrong, and try to ally with Russia, the enemy that its [the Evil Empire] trying to destroy.

This is ridiculous, who wants a war on its land, nobody, all the wars being fought on the old continent, Zionist regime instigating conflicts and proxy wars, while they have the geographic immunity, that's absurd how the world is brainwashed into considering Americans and Israelis as God chosen people, while other human beings lives are worthless, by Americans double standards of course. 
You have a problem and inferiority complex toward Russia, deal with it, without hiding behind NATO or states members. The survey found that residents of several NATO member states were not ready to come into a military conflict with Russia, even if she attacked one of the alliance members, RT reports. According to the poll, 53% of French, 51% of Italian and 58% of German residents are ready to sacrifice the principle of collective security. At the same time, one can hear NATO officials saying the mantra about the unity within the alliance. NATO declares full combat readiness because of conflict with Russia.
It seems that chaos and destabilization of nations is like some kind of contagious disease or ravaging fire that spreads like in boosted by a flammable liquid, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and now knocking on Turkey doors, the Kurds card already in use, Of course with the vague of refugees in Europe, the recent terrorist attacks is just the beginning. 

Zionist efforts to establish chaos all around except Israel and America are paying off. http://lepuniisher.blogspot.com/2016/08/uncovering-existence-and-thriving-of_29.html

‘We need a new humanity’: Istanbul attack sparks anger & grief on social media https://www.rt.com/viral/372431-istanbul-attack-social-media-reaction/
How funny is this (dark humor of course), how everybody finds its okay to support the Islamic states, and pretend to be fighting it. Then, when Russia, intervened, Trump or whoever in the white house, will retreat or adjust its situation toward Al Assad, so they don't get " hurt" by Russia, and, how leaders of sovereign nations will wait for a new president to be free and independent from Washington's policies. This is un monde de fous! The new US president is unlikely to continue the indirect support for the Islamic State that the United States invented at the time when Hillary Clinton served as the Secretary of State. In addition, the expert believes that Trump should help Europe regain its independent policies and turn its back on the politics of globalization. 

Trump: presenting signs of Great confusion

Trump to meet his idol, how nice. I must admit a Russian/Chinese alliance is pretty scary. Trump's first foreign trip as president will be to meet Putin:

This guy is so naive, how can you trade sanction for nuclear arsenal deal, this is plain dumb and ignorance. Russian nuclear arsenal grants its safety and existence since soviet times. NATO 'obsolete,' says Trump as he suggests Russia nuclear deal.

The end of an era of political subordination

This guy is great, along with the North Korean leader and few others including Putin who expressed their stance against the Zionist empire foreign policies and accepted no blackmailing neither to bow down to pressure and sanctions, of course this is not to compare Putin to the Philippines president, in the sense that Putin is an agile politician, experimented and above average intelligence of typical world leaders, not even talking about other attributes, and is predicted to be the new leader of the “freed” world from the grip of evil Zionism leading humanity into perversion and darkness.

The problem is that the states awakened to the new reality of that they are not above the international community norms, the counteroffensive is Trump softening his position on many international issues, and world leaders are falling for the snake shedding its skin. Which explains Duterte opinion on Trump. Duterte threatens to ‘burn down’ UN building in America 

Trump: responding to an existential threat to the Zionist Beast
The overall idea of what's going on in the world is far beyond regional, isolated incidents, or even historically independent events, since post WWII, a line has being drawn, and beyond geographical boundaries, nations, and religions in the traditional sense of the terms, a distinction has being made between Jews and none Jews, or Goyim as they call modern Human, the other racial groups are marginal, and they will be used by Jews in diluting, dumbing down and perverting the goyim worldwide. 

Hitler rise to the power, his aspirations and actions will create a monster thirsty for revenge, and obsessed about existence and self-preservation, this monster is simply Jews, everything happening in the world is rooted from Jews obsession about self-preservation as a race, the bitterness, and desire for revenge, along with a deep wicked sense of manipulating and plotting in long-term and global context. The equation is simple, three major religions dispute the soul of the planet, Islam, Christianity, and Jewism, we ignore all none Abrahamic religions because they exist as a marginal or pagan belief. 

In the context of WWII, Christians dominate and exterminate Jews as a race, Muslim nations collapsed or are greatly and easily corrupted, Nazi Germany still haunting every Jew on the planet, so, what will the wicked evil race approach to self-preservation and safety of their kind be, will they openly confront Christians for their survival? nope, they are not stupid, post-WWII Christians nation were mostly prospering and keeping their racial purity, showing the slightest feeling of hatred toward them will be collective suicide, here, the approach of cultural Marxism will be put in action, even from a German city, Frankfurt. The way to conquer Whites is through racial dilution and mental destruction, it will work to perfection, America is proof, they are indoctrinated into serving Zionism, beyond brainwashing, it’s scary how the whole nation think the same way.  Now, that every sentiment of nationalism being replaced by a devotion to Zion, an enemy must be created to keep goyim busy fighting, and in constant fear, paranoia and even create a total global hysteria about the Islamic religion, which will be safety card for the Jewish one.  That's what happened, post 911 attacks, America going on crusade in the middle east, the creation of ISIS, and the recent vague of mass immigration into Europe, all is a global long-term scheme by Jews for their own self-preservation as a kind, to prevent any awakening of Christians against them as a race, since they are busy fighting "terrorists".

Come on people, Satan was making people kill each other since forever, Iraq/Iran war, Afghan/Soviet war, Yugoslavia war, it gets beyond instigating wars between nation into a new level between ideologies and religions, that's how the concept of ISIS is born, now it gets globally. 

Satan has risen sometimes around the 70's and the American weed and interracial sex revolution. It needs a better incarnation and representation, that was via cross breed in America, which explain Americans look like some kind of modern times Frankensteins, or abomination of humanity, it’s no secret that the civil rights movement was pushed by Jews, as a race alone, even though wicked they can’t destroy the goyim, they need the demographic weight to infiltrate key positions, dumb down and dilute the goyim, that what explains the special bonding between Jews and other colored, and how they all protest the issue concerning one race like if it hurt all of them. “If you hit one of us, we all strike back” darkness descends movie. For example, in BLM protest you find all races, as well as in anti-Trump deportation or ban protests, and all have that evil zombie look in their eyes.
OBL gave America a truce offer, they didn't take it because it’s not the will of American people but the beast that controls them, now ISIS is more hardcore than Al Qaida ever being. ...And it’s a Zionist creation, Who's the biggest terrorists of the planet now. 

".... we’ll bring the whole world down with us”. Stink Jew, doesn't even bother to camouflage their real nature, they are at the root of every tragedy and disaster humanity has known, just because of their "oppressed history", they made Germany and Soviet army slaughter each other’s in term of tens of millions just because if the bitterness they felt (and still using as a victim card) to Adolf Hitler. That makes perfect sense, the whole tragedy of WWII was Jews taking the world down with the holocaust victims.

Trump Election: Exposing the Multifaceted Demon reigning on the states
Trump got elected, Big Deal! All I'm worried about is how to replace Obama's pic by the one of his face. Some may argue, that you can't keep the conflicts between the 2 sides from an anthropological perspective. That's rights, anthropology defined the 2 sides between good and evil centuries ago, the corruption of the soul is not an exact science, cross breeding, Zionism indoctrination, and Evil control being happening in the new world at an extensive level. It's just a way to represent the root of what humanity has come to, mostly the discovery of the new world, enslavement of African, genocide of native Americans and the so-called holocaust, now those 3 groups will be united under the U.S forming the Zionist empire, and go on on a rampage worldwide, white Americans lost their identity long time ago, and they are being indoctrinated and manipulated to serve Zionist agenda, without even realizing it.

Wake up people, The Zionist snake faced by its lethal predator, who happened to be a Bear, is doing nothing but shedding its skin, for a new more poisonous creature. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain 

“The moulting of the skin occurs regularly, when old skin is outgrown. in the case of snakes, it is called shedding or ecdysiast. Snakes will rub against rough surfaces to shed their skin. A shed skin is much longer than the snake that shed it, as the skin covers the top and bottom of each scale. If the skin is shed intact, each scale is unwrapped on the top and bottom side of the scale which almost doubles the length of the shed skin”
It’s ironic how the human side of the planet doesn't realize yet what going on on the global scheme, America is known as the Zionist empire since every institution from the white house to the local post office is Zionist and Jews agents infested. If you sum up the events since 911, used as a pretext to go on on a crusade to the middle east of destruction chaos and genocide, there was the destruction of the middle east from Iraq to Syria passing by Libya and Egypt, the Yemen as well, then ISIS stands of the debris to claim responsibility and whitewash Zionist war crimes either the American or the Israeli ones, by their gore execution and savageness' which is far from being spontaneous, the Zionist beast corrupt everybody. Now we assist at the result of the post 911 crusade of destruction, the vague of refugees into Europe is just a way into instigate and deepens the hatred between the locals and the refugees, the all aroused by occasional terrorist attacks, so instead of registering Jews, we register Muslims, same as Trump trying to do in America, the whole world is an arena where Jews make everybody fight each other while they watch, the trick they played since forever. After all, mischief is the greater trick Satan ever pulled. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Brussels police carry out a security operation in Schaerbeek.

Sometimes Trump sounds like if he's transforming the U.S into a Russian protectorate

Russia is the only country capable of transforming the U.S into radioactive dust; States wide, Democrats and Republicans, including the deplorable as well. Trump is a realist, the U.S can't hide behind NATO, the U.N and sanctions anymore. Donald Trump removes Russia from list of US defense priorities 

See, as predicted, Make America Great Again is some kind of code slogan for the American Perestroika, America is no longer strong, no longer proud, and not safe, at least in term of paranoia or justification for defense spending. America is no longer strong, since they added a new branch in their army called ISIS, which they deny and pretend they want to ally with Russia to fight what they created, it’s some kind of militaristic cannibalism, but those people represent the incarnation of the Beast, they got no decency, they will backstab their allies or friends, let alone foreign mercenaries they hired. The evil empire collapsing, and trying to save the face even by undermining all the political principles it stood on.

Maybe Trump will have better chances, by apologizing, allies with Russia to free Aleppo, and keeping his statement of never interfering in sovereign nations affairs. Is this the beginning of the collapse of the Zionist empire, is Trump by echoing left and right #MakeAmericaGreatAgain means an American Perestroika, or is the union too big to fall, I mean I watch NFL and NBA sometimes they are so big.. Russia, Iran and Turkey Meet for Syria Talks, Excluding U.S.

Historical background

I'm not good at history, but it’s well known that the cold war was between the U.S. and the Soviet Bloc, The U.S. won, the Soviet Union dissolved, Mikhail Gorbachev's Perestroika was one of the causes of the collapse of the Soviet empire. Putin emerges at the command of United Russia, a free breath of Soviet glory, Russia will become a new emerging robust power. The Zionist empire is shaken from its position of a monopoly of world dominance, as it goes by the motto: "Divide to rule", it will create anti-Russian feeling and paranoia all around Europe including former Soviet states, even try to destabilize Ukraine. Europe ends up plunged in the total state of Russophobia, while the cold war was initially, mainly between Soviets and Americans, Zionism spreads mischief, all around nations where it can't "establish freedom and democracy", in contrast, they try to destabilize it, or demonize it, makes it the international community enemy, that's what happened with Russia, demonizing it is a part of the new cold war. 

Recently, post the Russian intervention in Syria, despite the west efforts and anti-Russian propaganda, Zionism, lost a major card in the international scene, along with the emergence of other power around the Russian bloc, Zionism as the Evil that prevails in the world exposed like never before, Americans lies and deceits are all around except in mainstream media. 

Europe caught in the middle with an enemy that never being an enemy, just because Washington dictate western leaders how to think. Now, Trump elected, his actions and projections seem more of an American Perestroika, and retreat from playing the world leader, because it lost world dominance to Russia than a real desire to mind American internal affairs. Will Trump be the Zionist empire's Mikhail Gorbachev, who's trying to save the unholy empire, who being exposed as an incarnation of Evil, like a Beast slaughtered gagging in its blood, trying to survive its holy predator Franco TaMere and acting like suddenly it has no interest in the international scene, trying to idolize Putin and give up to Russia. Europe needs own nuclear protection if Trump walks away from NATO – senior German lawmaker

Devil doesn't work through politicians, it has risen through the unholy union, and serpent seeds spread left and right. This post presents it from another angle:

Dissolve the Union or get Destroyed: We don’t negotiate with Zionism
Addressing the American people, 
You must understand that there is no way into redemption or global peace other than dissolving the union, still, it’s a moderate very compromising solution. 

You are united with people to whom you took the land, and people who enslaved their ancestors for about 400 years, along with the largest concentration if Jews out of Israel, you are hosting a corrupted spirit that being unleashed for revenge of "oppressed history". 

You went unpunished on a rampage worldwide, when Russia stood at the way, and you no longer playing the world cop, you felt the heat of the change in the international scene. Desormais, it’s a bipolar world and you no longer have the monopoly of actions on the international scene, you felt embarrassed in Syria by Russian and Iranian actions, John Kerry's so-called diplomatic missions are obsolete, and desperately try to save the face, you are facing a new world era, Putin dictate the new rules, you felt the risk of an ever more powerful Russia, so you backed to your shell, and pretend you will focus on your internal issues. How pathetic, and deplorable. If somebody is accused and guilty of murder, he won’t be undergoing anger management classes, or try to make his person great again, he must be punished and pay for crimes he committed. 

That's the trail of the united states, you won’t back off from your crimes by focusing on internal affairs, your best deal is to dissolve the union, like a corporate filing for bankruptcy, dissolve the union, you get the benefit of doubt, since the crimes committed by the name of the united states, and the union no longer exist. Anyway, there is a rotten part that will never be great, just create a new Liberia somewhere, and the united Israel in proximity, maybe they get united. 
Morality of the story

American people represent an abomination of humanity, and the edge perversion and immorally can reach in a given society, without even talking about the gross body structure they reached, they host the beast spirit and its driving humanity into its own doom, they call themselves the leaders of the free world, while they suck the homo Erectus penis to avoid racial tensions, it being going on for decades that's now it’s like a ritual.

Hitler when he declared war on America based his decision on the rotten nature of the demographic composition, and the presence of colored as a sign if moral decay, that was around 1940's and at that time there was order compared to now, even there was segregation and wasn't the sexual revolution of homo and international sex yet. If Hitler was alive and saw the degree of perversion and moral decay reached, he won't hesitate to nuke it into radioactive dust. 

People are corrupted and have nothing of human, they are hosting the beast spirit, while writing those lines at shelter after midnight, the lights are off, it’s quiet, Negros out of the quietness of the night sounding like a monster responding to my thoughts, and nobody complains or find it weird, they all the same corrupted soul that have nothing of human. 

Evil rise on the planet during the last decades makes the necessity of a whole new definition of the War in term of legitimate targets, it’s not war between government for territory, political, or natural resources, it’s a battle between good and evil, and actions of governments nowadays are extension serving either good or evil, spirit.

Zionism is rooted in people desire to get over some historical oppression and an evil being created for what their kind as a race suffered through.

Either its Jews, Africans or native Americans will unite under the Zionist umbrella with the common point of hatred toward the racial group who oppressed them and dominated them as a race, Europeans, the result is the rise of Zionism as an Evil spirit of revenge, their ultimate target whites, started by American population being dumbed down and put in a state of hibernation, then it's Europe in progress, it works so good that white start hating on themselves, and Zionism thrive and prospers into a lifestyle and get indoctrinated into people’s mind, Evil will take control of people mind body and soul, and often the hosting corpse is doomed as corrupted hosting evil spirit.

Note de Conclusion:

Unless your soul is super corrupted.

"Assuming you got optimal mental human abilities to let you see, perceive, analyze, and get conclusions on what happening in the world without Zionism framing and Media biased presentation. 

You will willingly agree that Israel must be wiped out of the world's map, The United States dissolved and American and Israeli citizen as well as every Human being on the planet who embrace in any way the Zionist ideology, must be held accountable for every civilian life lost on the Hands of Zionism killing machine either it’s the American or Israeli army.
Punishment must be served on them doesn’t matter their ages, gender, nationality, color or religious belief...Punishment appropriate for what being done by the government they voted for and representing them.

                                                                    We don’t negotiate with Zionists".

                                                                                                                      ---Franco TaMere"

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why Trump was Elected - A Cultural Card

Previously by Franco TaMere aka Lee Puniisher:
My days in America are counted, soon flying overseas away from this God damn perversion and anarchy land, away from stupid Indians wearing clothes trying to scalp you, keeping talking about hair because they used to scalp people, of monkeys blaming me for their fake freedom, of Chinese blaming me for their inferiority complex to Koreans and that they wear American kids clothes, and have a baby penis that's why they buy big cars, finally from pigs, who think I give shit about electing Trump, expect my support for doing what’s right in the internal affairs, after all colored disrespected me because they have a Black in White proportions issue. Of course, America is gone oral since Osama bin laden was killed even an U.N resolution won't make me pull off Americas mouth, aren't you pigs offered me a choice between many Chinese to marry one, because I was planning to marry a Russia woman, now you can tell Putin to convince me to pull off China's mouth, or maybe the little Zionist beasts in NYC of Chinese descent.

Trump campaign: an abnormal political process motivated by Evil roots
I still don't know how I was posting pro-Trump posts, I felt for the devil trick, of convincing the world that he doesn't exist, switching sides between states and colors, between Democrats and Republicans, Black and White. He's like representing an entity that prevails in America and makes sure the Union is standing, from a weakness situation to an ever-rising Russia, it will try to gain strong nations trust, while continuing to bully the weak ones. https://www.rt.com/op-edge/384881-trump-dumps-campaign-pledges/

Trump Campaign: a reaction to Franco TaMere existence as Lee Puniisher entity

Punishment in progress, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain: enough of Franco TaMere and lee Puniisher mocking our culture, mating habits, employment, and education. Trump represent the incarnation of the Beast, an entity that surfaced on the American politics to save the union, in fact electing Trump is a matter if homeland security before its Democrats or Republicans. It (Trump) knows what's the real deal is and why a fake movement must be put upfront to save America, not American jobs, or from U.S founded and funded ISIS, in fact its disturbingly shocking how America fakes it’s fighting something that it created to overthrow Al Assad, even Trump sounds stupid and totally ignorant in claiming fighting ISIS in his agenda, I guess an excuse for the Beast to unite with its imminent predator (Russia).

Cultural card
It has been established in the community international of world leaders, a standard that every president tend to try to be compared to, which is simply, Putin. Every U.S. President must pay special attention when dealing with the leader of the former Soviet bloc. Trump talking about Putin as a person, not in the context of the ongoing tensions. It’s a bipolar world after all.

America obsession about Trump is more of cultural reasons than something else, I mean, come on, they are stereotyped as fat and stupid worldwide, with a Negro, as a president, and his wife is wearing a wig. They are like the joke in the world, necessarily feeling culturally down to Russia and Europe. 
They elected Trump more for his image and promises to surrender from the international scene, since thick stupid people lost their monopoly to Russia, not even talking about people joking about Americans, like: "It seems that every white female have a black mate, doesn't matter if married to a white man or not". Trump, trying to broadcast a positive image and fear of Russia, since the Whitehouse looks so ghetto compared to the Kremlin.

American were so embarrassed about the reputation of Putin, and how he's idolized worldwide, necessarily compared to Obama, that it tried to create a degenerated version of him, called Trump. Normal, America got no culture, it’s just a perversion of the European one. Oh, I forgot, they got hip hop, NFL, and NBA.

Americans voting in masses for Trump, and making a movement out of his election is mainly due to cultural inferiority complex to Europe and Russia. The stereotype as fat and stupid, along with a Negro at the white house, in conjunction with Franco TaMere pro-Russia and Europe posts will create a scare of inferiority cultural, knowing that Franco TaMere knows about their culture more than its broadcasted on the media, will make them pick a president who will present a fresh air of America, not that of the Ghetto Nation with a super military.

Trump: a controversial “person”

Assuming the golden showers story is false, Trump is most likely to have used prostitutes of Russian/Eastern European origins, which makes him as a person vulnerable deep in his subconsciousness, is corrupted and lustful pulses guide his decisions, plus his marriage 2 times to Eastern European women prove he have a weakness for that kind of women. His opinion about Russia and Putin are just greatly influenced by those lustful pulses stored deep inside his subconscious mind without him even realizing. American people trusting a president with a gigantesque ego and arrogance, trying to make a family business out of the white house, and insulting everybody who opposes his opinion, and American females don't realize that after falling for Eastern European women charms he consider them as an used mop, he just had to get their votes.

Trump is transforming the white house into a family business, when people will wake up and understand that he built his electorate base on lies at his primary campaign?. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to join White House as senior adviser; no formal role for Ivanka Trump. 

Congratulations America, now you are officially under Jews control, this gives the ZOG its full sense. “Trump has an intimate familiarity with Jewish practice and Jewish life. His daughter, Ivanka, converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009; if elected, Trump would be the first president to be the parent and grand-parent of observant Jews. Ivanka’s husband, real-estate magnate Jared Kushner, is an Orthodox Jew and one of Trump’s top advisers”.                                                  ---Quote from the internet about Trump Jewish links.

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain, How can you make great what its rotten,
More than 60% of the U.S population is "mentally defaillant", 

Negros still quiet and peaceful, anticipating what Trump's presidency means for them. Will he be another food stamps president, or will he put people to work, ...I mean do an actual work and deserve an income, not government cheese and affirmative action. Economically speaking Negros are a disaster for any business, low mental abilities and laziness are compensated by black lives matter kind of attitude crap. Will the reparation policies keep on going on? ‘Not my president’: 

Trump nominate a Negro who proved many times that he's mentally challenged just to gain the African American community sympathy, If he upsets the Negros community, it won't be something like BLM, its race war, they feel subordinate to his status, and many times he expressed how inferior the Black race is, he most likely ends up hanging from a tree in central park. Stupid Americans, the only good thing about the Mexicans and Blacks is that they make whites smarter. Trump to nominate Carson to lead U.S. housing, urban policy.

Americans are known worldwide of being dumbed down, this is just another level of sheep theory, how can the president be the one who received fewer votes. ‘It’s ridiculous’: Trump on CIA claims that Moscow helped him win US Presidency https://www.rt.com/usa/369944-russia-hackers-trump-reaction/

There is no such thing as Make America great again, Trump lied. Civil War is coming. "Equality" is not freedom--it's communism. "Diversity" is not strength--it's national suicide. Unified nations are strong, but empires always collapse. Christianity was always America's National Immune System, but that's all over. America has been overthrown. "Democracy" is destroying Christian civilization, because we are forced to tolerate liberals, perverts, Aztec invaders, and millions of godless savages. "Equality" is only making all Americans equally worthless. The Jewish Media Monopoly constantly promotes atheism, liberalism, and race-mixing (which is fornication per Jude 1:7, Ezra 10:10, Nehemiah 13:27). This "brood of vipers" are HATERS AND DESTROYERS OF GOD'S CREATION. (John 7:1, John 8:44, Matt 12:34) The war for true freedom is THE MEANING OF LIFE, but most Christians are never taught WHO THE ENEMY IS. This is Basic Training for the militant minority. The mindless majority are irrelevant. Forget them, as history will forget them.

The next presidential election is like a civil war between the north and the south; political version, with Clinton representing the Union/slavery and mentally corrupted north, and Trump representing the confederate states in their struggle for independence, saving their heritage and decency. Trump awakened the so-called silent part of the population who had no voice and used to struggle under the policies implemented by ZOG (ZIONIST Occupied Government). 

The FBI expressed there will be no charge against Clinton after investigating the new emails found. Which means the north, probably will win the political civil war 'again'. "Sometimes I think of American people like some kind of cattle lead by the ZOG".

The Zionist Empire losing its monopoly in the world, all lies are uncovered: Necessity of a “Movement”

Right! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, The U.S. is a whole new nation now, it being exposed in all its facades and lies, thanks to Russian media and Franco TaMere previously known as Lee Puniisher. And now it wants to ally with Russia to fight the militants they created at the first place, denying all the previous history of crimes against humanity it committed, it’s like when a notorious criminal turn against its allies to claim his innocence. It uses a political transition from Democrats to Republicans to whitewash last decades of tyranny, terrorism, and crimes against humanity disguised as establishing freedom and democracy. Will the U.S. as we know it, ask for its independence from Itself under Trump, and the slogan #MakeAmericaGreatAgain is how America planning a new identity in the international scene, will Trump ask for apology from Russia and other nations, for all those years of arrogance and tyranny and innocent blood on the American flag. Obama administration never aimed to fight terrorism in Syria – Russian MoD https://www.rt.com/news/368099-us-obstruct-russia-syria/

Russian intervention: End of Domino effects of Zionism imperialist ambitions

That was working pretty well, foreign leaders were falling like dominoes until Russian intervention, Now the Zionist empire wants to repent through the divergence to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, and Trump learnt that the U.S have to confront Russia and its allies, so he's like a bad kids at school who learnt his lesson and tries to avoid punishment and promise to never interfere in sovereign nations affairs and even a readiness to restore full relation with Russia and praising Putin like if he's member of his fans club, which is without precedent in the U.S/Russia bilateral relations.

Why would anybody expect trump to be different? When the real face of the Zionist empire was exposed an alternative strategy had to be made. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Trump still trying to allies with Russia to fight ISIS.Is he aware that he must ally with Iran as well, or he's just trying to split China-Russia union?

American are delusional, same as Israelis they have some kind of amnesia regarding all their actions and crimes against humanity, their reasoning is far from human, it sees the world through the beast eyes, devil is known for being a denier, liar, and accuser, it is also known to play the victim card, gaining humans trust then backstabbing at first chance. 
Now, it’s even more dangerous, it tries to regroup gain Russia trust, and build its strength. “No-one is ever going to mess with us,” announced Trump to chest-thumping cheers from the audience of “USA! USA!”

Last week, Trump also gave notice he was prepared to launch a new global nuclear arms race. In an interview with the Reuters news agency, he vowed the US must always be “top of the pack” in having nuclear supremacy.
“We’re never going to fall behind any country even if it is a friendly country. We’re never going to fall behind on nuclear power,” said the president.

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain, Russian translation: #SaveAmericaFromRussia
Why some people are so behind, superficial and they don't even bother hide their cards just because a new president has being elected, just because his hair is real, he doesn't eat fried chicks in public and his wife don't wear a wig: Trump talking about allying with Russia to fight ISIS, he's not even talking Ukraine and the tens of thousands of civilians who perished because they overthrow the former president. How can America be in both sides? Is Trump seeking redemption from the Zionist empire sins.

It’s a war between mankind and Zionism, which happened to be an incarnation of evil, now, since it lost this world domination war, it intends to regroup, and gain Russia and the international community trust. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain http://lepuniisher.blogspot.com/2016/08/uncovering-existence-and-thriving-of_29.html Russian & Syrian actions in Palmyra a 'service to mankind' – former US ambassador to RT https://www.rt.com/news/369962-russia-syria-palmyra-aleppo/

Zionism: insaisissable same as mercury hard to “identify”
The spirit reigning in America, keeping the union, and prevails in the world by bringing destruction, chaos and ethnical division worldwide; revealing itself a little by little, it’s like mercury, hard to catch, as soon as its exposed in a form, it escapes in another one, using all the human corpses existing on the American territory, that's the essence of the union, the core is always black and white, with other racial groups used more or less. The overall idea is to never uncover the real deal, which is to never make a doubt about the real issue of the unholy union Black in White. Which is an abomination Evil will rise up out of the evil seeds mixing.

Interaction with the Zionist multicolored Beast from a personal experience

What intrigues me recently is that it actually think that, " it’s working" and they act like if they didn't do anything in more than 13 years, like it’s not about "la chienne" and American culture rejection, and like racial groups who harassed and disrespected in NYC and all over the states weren't sold out souls serving the beast spirit to make black in white look decent and legitimate, make savage Anthony vanish from history, it’s amazing how they expect my sympathy after I spent more than a decade like enemy public in America, because I didn't like "La chienne" even when she tried to speak French.

That’s what you are dealing with the same entity in different colors and races, and it just continue what it started in one color or race in other ones, so it is like mercury impossible to define, even it will tries to gain your trust, thus is even the essence of the American Union; An Evil Entity taking control of all races or corpses in America, as cited before I'm forbidden from calling cops in America, this Nigger is not the worst I had to deal with, his only problem, is that he's minding my business and praying, the place is infested by whores, both males and females, and it’s inappropriate, but it’s not a coincidence, stink Jew pull the string of everybody in NYC. The thing about this is that its unlimited to a person or a place, I #MakeTheSpiritEnraged.

Back to the international Arena
It says it will abandon its involvement in sovereign nations internal affairs, you know establishing freedom and democracy and overthrowing legitimate foreign leaders. Easy to understand, it lost it monopoly and world domination to an ever-growing Russia, now it regroups, heal its wounds, organize its ranges, and build its strength that being fading out to a more powerful Russia and China

Zionism is like a plague that must be eradicated from the roots, people are corrupted, and have nothing of human, they are hosting the Beast spirit, while writing those lines at shelter after midnight, the lights are off, its quiet, Negros out of the quietness of the night sounding like a monster responding to my thoughts, and nobody complains or find it weird, they all the same corrupted soul that have nothing of human.

The question is: "Why Russia have to the assume the consequence of America "Establishing Freedom and Democracy in the world" Russian bomb disposal unit departs for Aleppo on de-mining mission – MoD 

Compare to America establishing freedom and democracy in Iraq and other nations. MakeAmericaGreatAgain, the Zionist empire trying to save the face since it lost ISIS as a card to destabilize Syria and Overthrow Al Assad. Even deeper, the Zionist empire lost ISIS as a card to deflect the attention about its crimes against humanity in Palestine as well.

Trump: Granting America Redemption from its crimes against Humanity

This is amazing, America, the Zionist empire earns its title of the "Great Satan”. That is known to spread mischief between people, and when its concretized into an empire, it will do the same thing between nations, it thrives and laugh at chaos, that explains the overthrowing of leaders worldwide, and the Ukraine crisis, it will be confronted in Syria by the holy spear of God who it is destined to slaughter the demonic force, known as the American empire, as wicked as it is it will retreat to its shell, and pretend to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, while its just trying to regroup and concentrate its forces, since the balance of power shifted to the divine power, Russia. It never attacks from a weakness position as wild dogs as described in Americacolors.blogspot.com, now trying to allies with Russia to fight what it created to overthrow Assad at the first place. Now, back to the E.U., it instigated a quasi-cold war between the E.U. and Russia, and it back off, admires Putin (camouflaged fear) and wants to normalize relations, while it created mischief between Russia and Europe. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #EvilPrevailsWhenGoodMenFailToAct. #LetsSlaughtertheGreatSatan

The tyranny and lies of the Zionist empire are exposed each day passing by. Russia successful intervention in Syria wasn't predicted, all cards are boulverser. Trump will try to save America's face as the biggest terrorist humanity ever known. #MakeAmericaPayforitsSins
Aren't people supposed to held Washington accountable for all crimes caused by ISIS, as a direct result of the Zionist imperialist ambitions. Of course, they will show willingness to fight terrorists, since they are not a direct branch of their army.

Russia massacring ISIS, Suddenly the Zionist empire wants to unite with Russia, to fight "Those worthless bastards". --They no good at destabilizing Syria and overthrowing Al Assad, let’s get rid of them-- How pathetic, John Kerry the multifaceted Demon is not an isolated case. How pathetic.

Let me put this way, Thick stupid people, 'Americans', wants to destroy the whole middle east, finance Israeli crimes in Palestine, cause more than a million of civilian casualties, instigate a war in Ukraine, and a hostility movement of E.U. toward Russia at the point of being at the brink of a war. Then, when its national security is at risk, it back off, and be like, "okay, let’s make America great again". Like having a certain kind of immunity for all its crimes and actions. It’s a double-sided monster, fighting for its own very existence, Trump most likely is another John Kerry, a double faceted demon, saving the empire where its fortune is built.

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain Russian translation: #SaveUSFromRussia Or enough of the world laughing at US, a Homo Erectus and family at the white house. "Indeed, people show little concern for major political problems, but everything changes when people face the danger of war. When top officials say nothing, but lies it means that the people are afraid. German Chancellor Merkel said that the EU would have to tighten sanctions against Russia. However, the final document of the EU meeting in Brussels did not contain a word about the expansion of sanctions against Russia.

Wondering why all polls and projections went wrong in an abnormal even super natural way? Americans may be stupid, but not dumb, it’s a survival thing, when the homeland security is at risk, and the beast uniting people feels imminent extinction, there is no room for colors or political parties, it’s a survival thing, it’s a survival thing, Trump compromising with Russia against every principle the Zionist empire ever built on. Trump Tower would be transformed into a ground zero, nuclear version.
If this is true and projected into reality, when Trump takes over power; it’s like Russia submitted America through election. And if its concretized into action, it’s like the Kremlins is ruling American people. Will Russia annex Alaska next? Donald Trump's foreign policy 'almost exactly the same as Putin' 

Until the End. The beast confused, trying to save its very existence, sacrificing a part if the union is no problem as long as it's safe from its imminent predator. Beyond the masses struggle between Democrats and Republicans, it’s about saving the states. All right, let Trump be your savior, Give up your ambitions imperialists or be destroyed.

Note de Conclusion
Making a deal with Devil incarnated in Trump, may be presented in these lyrics of Sinik, I altered the end to put it in the fighting American election context: 

"J'ai compris que les années ca passe vite c'est inquiétant Je me rends compte que Kelissa aura 7 ans le 20 septembre Chaque jour des hommes s'auto-détruisent à la hache Et pour s'enfuir les plus fort traversent les mers à la nage J'ai vu l'écart entre la belle et la bête Ici la guerre à la patate mais à la peine est la Belle Dans la rue, tu sais les délits profitent aux hommes Dans 10 ans, le Kilo de diams sera au prix du Kilo de Pomme J'ai compris tard que les regrets me pénalise Et ca fait mal quand je réalise que si peu de rêves se réalisent. Que j'avance pas, que leur justice ralentit "Que l'Amerique n'a jamais ete Great que Trump menti" Que dans la vie faire la paix n'est pas rentable J'ai compris que faire la paix c'est la cauchemard du marchant d'armes..."