Thursday, October 29, 2009


"Stink-Blond®" is an ethnic slur used in America for a person of Hispanic descent mostly females who dye their hair, It is known to be very offensive. Referring to the natural stinky smell of Latina female, and when Latina want to avoid this prejudice by passing for a blond they just get stinkier .That's why their hair looks so dry. And they always wear it in ponytails.

These stupid Latinas think that they have to look like the women in magazines and have light hair, because they are trying to be something they are not...That's and inferiority complex, identity crisis and and an self hating sentiment .

Latinas justify this self hating thing by the fact ...That they dont want to be seen as a Latina , if people see you as a Latina with dark hair , they gonna think ..." oooh, look a Latttina! ...She must be a house keeper or/and a whore or a el patron favorite slut "

WELL THAT'S TRUE! ... that's just the hierarchies in the American society , thats just how the American infrastructure is built.

Examples of inferiority complex identity crisis and self hating sentiment among Hispanics:

"I'm a Mexican American, but I always lie and tell people my ancestors were from Spain and immigrated to the United States in the 1920s. My whole family says this. We feel embarrassed if we tell people that our heritage is Mexican because Mexicans in the USA are so dirty, mostly gang bangers, and they spray graffiti everywhere — my family is not like this. My father went to UCLA and I'm going to USC right now. Should I face my background and tell people the truth?" An Mexican American

“My grandfather was the only Mexican at his college, the only Hispanic person at work and the only one at the all-white country club. He tried to forget his Mexican roots, because he never wanted his kids to be made to feel different in America. He and my grandmother didn’t speak Spanish to their children. Now, as a third-generation American, I feel as if I have finally cut loose.”
Jessica Alba
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