Monday, May 20, 2013


From Vector by Robin Cook
“ the whole Goddamn mess is illegal, oppressive, and unconstitutional”.
“there is only one solution. The US Government has to be overthrown by force of armes, There is no other way, and it’s got to be soon, because the Zionist are getting stronger everyday”
“The Holocaust is A Zionist Myth and down with the Zionist Occupied Government.

The U.S Government was far more perverse and more dangerous than it’s imagined.
“Plan operation revenge”
“ some thing huge like this  happening here in NYC is bound to start the general revolt . It’s going to make what happened in Oklahoma City seem like a childish prank”

“He just wanted to severely slap the U.S across it’s smug face. Any Glory he might achieve he’d gladly donate to the Zhirinovsky movement and the return of the Soviet Empire”