This is an TaMere Network site, it present an ensemble of analysis and facts about the American society, targeting all the racial groups in a parallel horizontal overview, the American society is of diverse composites, and each racial or ethnic group tend to promote it’s positive image in a society not always tolerant, despite the bureaucratic procedures and laws advocating diversity as the motto of the American Government aka Z.O.G.

Under TaMere Network the racial structure proposed by the U.S census bureau disappear to form, different colors, components or abstract parts, Hais Chinx parle of ingredients put together in the melting pot and seasoned by kikkoman soy sauce, which is the secret touche infused by the Z.O.G to insure diversity, often it is extracted from a Black man sexual organ, composing the stupid masses known as Americans.
While each racial group distinguish itself from the other due to some historical, cultural or influential factors, creating an certain stereotypes and a form of subordination or dependence between such or such racial groups, under Tamere Network, all these factors are ignored, and we overview the states on a horizontal even level, as a whole, all the ingredients forming the American apple-pie are equal under TaMere Network microscope. Of course we recognize some historical fact shaping the American society today, and the oppression some groups were victim of, causing their descendants to live with the scare of the past, our champs d’analyse ignore the Historical perspective unless it is crucial to present the roots of some aspect of the society T’dday.

TaMere Network present a constructive criticism, tending to appear like harsh racism, while racism is defined as “a Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”
This definition tend to become inconsistent and blurred under our champs d’analyse, we equally, while staying objective, unless otherwise is stated, since we are an entity and ideology with no specific racial, or ethnic appurtenance, we constructively analyse and criticize the interaction of the different components of the society notwithstanding the rapport of hierarchical subordination existing in the society.
Unfortunately we are not here to present the achievement of such or such ethnic group, while we admit some positive aspects at the roots of composing the stupid masses, we bound our field of analysis to the negative image America got worldwide, and the prejudices, often founded, about each ingredient in the American Apple-pie, if you feel toucher, either visit the site of another component of the society, if that will make you feel any better, or go to other sites that boost your illusions, by convincing you that you are the best for being from such or such ethnic group, or that it is so great to be American, and that’s the best thing that can happen to a Human bean on the platano earth.

To apprehend the way we perceive America as a whole; imagine this scenario: a microscope, studying microorganisms, which are the components of the American society, or races as you call them, while the U.S Census Bureau divide you by Historically based racial appurtenance, under our Microscope, you are equal and we divide you by the way you interact with each others, we see Bacteria, parasites, molds, and Yeasts.

In general, We limit our concern to what we can see through a standard microscope Bacteria, parasites, Molds and Yeasts, Viruses which represent the subdivisions under a given component, for example, when parasites, referring to Hispanics, start their stupid nationalism; waving, Mexican, Puerto-Rican, or Dominican Flag, this is basically invisible under the standard Microscope, all we see is a bunch of parasites, trying to distinguish themselves from each other, using an electron microscope may show viruses, or subdivisions of Hispanics, but we rarely do, and we dont care at all, It’s “la Raza” a bunch of Parasites in eternal search for an identity, and struggling with their stupid sense of entitlement. Unless it's a necessity.

We don’t mean to be racist, nor to express racist or offending speech, necessarily on this page, but, this is America, the infrastructure is so controversial,we present the  raw reality, we present gore facts, like it or not, and Hispanics, are at the Core of the racial debate due to the irony of the Illegal immigration and their hope for La Reconquista, visible only to Latinos, in the Horizons, through their 5 dollars sun Glasses.

Please Note:
While all efforts are made to present accurate facts and analysis, the articles presented in this site are not to be taken as a reference in any matter, for accurate facts and definitions visit http://www.encyclopedia.com/.

The content of this site is a subjective sarcastic constructive criticism, witch some may find offensive, it is addressing the negative aspects of some components of the American society, each ingredient in the American Apple-pie contains bad and good elements, Helas we are not here to praise the achievement of the good elements, as cited before, you can visit other sites for that, no individual is addressed as a person, we target the components as a whole and as part of the United state of America the modern times tyrannic Empire.

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