Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pathetic NYC

NYC is home of the largest African American Community in USA .....So NYC females must be pretty damaged...That's explain your attitude, anti blacks posts and white females never show up with a nigger in my sight ...I remember my 1st day in NYC i ve seen a dozen BM/WF couples in one one area....I appreciate that you dont want to disgust me anymore, but that's dont change the sad reality about your females...It is what it is ...Freedom got a price...That's gives perfect sense for the large presence of little Mestizos and Chinos in NYC and the welcoming the get from NYC pedos residents...In fact It's a conditional average sized man in NYC if he tries to penetrate an random vagina from NYC, he will feel like penetrating the Holland tunnel , I swear that's the truth , you dont feel nothing no resistance at all, like if you are lost in an endless darkness and there is nothing to hold on doing poetry right now.... Ladies get your shewing gums now, and try to change the facts , how low Y'all are, what kind of female will insinuate .,...."hey i got a tight vagina" ....what values are y'all standing on? ...oh, ok! because y 'all got destroyed so thats the 1st quality you ask in your females ....hahhahahah PATHETIC NYC.

Niggers with their large numbers, and high rate of unemployment..taking advantage of the situation until the bone...they get picked up from Harlem and payed just like a man whore 'Let's pick up them good eating " lol How lower a man's situation can be ...They nickname them "The human dildo". Alright Tony ....Jump around with Keisha....You welfare couple.

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  1. Fact: NYC is like the nation's "Human recycling center".
    Still those recycled farmers, improved by Jews money and affirmative action think that they are better than any other state.