Sunday, May 24, 2009

50 niggers busted in BRUTAL dogfighting ring

Cook County sheriff's police broke up a dogfight taking place in the basement of a house on Saturday night. The fight was attended by 50 niggers, including a pregnant shegroid and a few teeniggers. Donaver Jones, Melvin Trent and Timothy Norris were charged with felony dogfighting. All others were issued misdemeanor tickets for attending a dogfight. Police found a bloodied 10-by-10-foot makeshift ring surrounded by 3-foot-high wooden boards smeared with blood, bites and scratches. The floor of the ring was covered with a red rug that police said was used to disguise blood.Police found one dog crouching in the corner so badly injured that it had to be carried away on a stretcher, and authorities do not expect it to survive. Officers confiscated a tackle box filled with steroids, amphetamines, syringes and an IV drip, all of which were allegedly used to keep the dogs aggressive and alive. They also found a staple gun used to close the dogs' wounds so they could keep fighting, as well as thick wooden stakes used to drive apart the dogs' jaws after they'd locked down on the other dog."...there were little kids, a pregnant woman, guns all over the place."
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