Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Black women are disgusting

How on earth could a white person lower himself to fuck a savage NIGGER. This is an illegal act, you can not have sex with another species. Possibly it is a power trip for a white man to fuck this lowlife, dirty, filthy, species. He can dominate as if he was fucking an ugly goat or a chicken. I would sooner hack my dick off before I fucked a NIGGER.
black and latina women vaginas are nasty looking.sometimes black females,look almost like burnt meat that is still rare on the inside,if you look at their vulva.And most of black and Latina females neglect vaginal health compared to whites ,so they may be more apt to develop a smell down there.
black and Latina females neglect there Vaginas and usually do smell. Sometimes I think it's funny that there own men don't want them, and sad.
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  1. Don't be ashamed of your attraction to Black women. That's why your blog is full of them. By the way, your DNA originated in Africa. Yes! You are African too! Silly rabbit.

  2. @shaaronie hahahah you stupid fucking sheboon. You idiotic, uneducated spooks always have the exact same replies. You memorize the defensive you've been given your entire life and parrot it back.

    By your idiotic logic, we all originated from apes, so I guess in your mind it would be fine to swing from trees, and throw your shit at other people.

    Funny how much more you niggers look like apes than the average human. Funny how you consistently score lower on all intelligence tests than the average human. Funny how, as a culture, you are far behind the average human. Seems to me that you jiggaboos are the least evolved of us all.

    I guess that's why the humans couldn't wait to migrate from that shithole Africa while the ones too stupid to do so, stayed behind. If only we in America had left you there.

  3. @Imperial Wizard
    -I hope God or whatever you believe in forgives you for such believes against non-white races. You call African-American people uneducated and always scoring below average yet you use words like "fucking" "spooks" and who knows what else. Words like that are extremely vulgar so who is the uneducated one now? Race does not influence your IQ levels and you are evidence of so. Be proud of your race and let others be proud of theirs.
    Having those Natzi points of view till this day just proves you are easily influenced and taken advantage of.