Saturday, December 5, 2009

Self hating dominicans...

Admire the transformation of roasted beyond all imagination
Hispanics got their own Michel Jackson...
And thats just an example the only one who show up on the media ...Spics obsession with their color and apparence and "white wanna be" Syndrome of spics is legendaire ...Spics Inferiority complex and Identity crisis...again ..
If you are an white skinned latino you are an lower class in USA...get used to it ..." la Mona es la Mona .."

Well this post was addressed to Dominicans...let's get it done ...

...Dominicans are known to be Niggers of Hispanic race...They just hate that fact and want to pass for white Hispanic in any end every occasion, you will see light skinned Dominicans taking any possible chance to pose next to a Dominican flag or stand next to a Dominican grocery Store , Since the best thing Dominicans can do is to open a Grocery Store ...It's like that's how Dominicans make it in USA ...Oh , and also they do baseball...but they are Niggers of Hispanic race anyway ..."la Mona es la Mona ..."
And they hate black people when they got more black in them than any nigga i fucking know- roasted spics, no wonder why ricans hate yall so much!
Dominican Republic or whatever lame Carrib Country that speaks Spanish and survive off nothing but rice and beans. Dumb Spics.
Dominicans are so nasty and dirty
All the men do is line the sidewalk and guard Grocery stores. The women? They are dressed like whores in jeans too small for them, and greasy treated afros. Don't get me started on the burgundy hair color!
WTF? I think it's true.. Dominicans are the bottom of the barrel as far as Latins go. My god! They are loud too.
Dominicans (Dumb-in-a-cans)
Majority of the chicks are whores and harlots, who started banging' pipes @ average age of 12.These animals are the lowest
And These little diseases carrying bitches are proud of there little primitive island ...

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