Saturday, January 2, 2010

Indians Family Value

A lot of people in India are advocating sex within the family, often as a way of avoiding AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Many say that sex between mother-son, brother-sister, father-daughter is quite pleasurable as well as reinforcing the family bonds.
Incest in India is nothing new .There's a billion of those people and most are probably inbred.
Indian boys are extremely horny, and will try to bang almost anything that moves!
For some reason, Indian girls like to bang their brothers.
Incest according to Indians people:
"Incest happens in india ; according to Indian people and traditions incest is not bad thing. Its only a way of satisfying body need. According to Indians incest can provide young childrens sex need of body. By this AIDS will remove, cases of rape will come downward. Mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister sex relations not bad if all family approve it. It will happen one day where Govt. of every country will approve it. "
"As an Indian I have no shame to confess that incest is a secret craze for Indians for about more than 1000 years old. If we look at Indian epic, Mahabharat where we will see that a female character called Dhrapadi who has five husbands who were born from a same mother. Is it the sign of incestuos relationship ? I hope that all of yours have got your answer !..."
Note de l autheur: Reaction de l indian community a NYC a ce poste:
unusual number of indians were in my sight in place were usally not frequented by indians ....a couple were walking around the were i was , like if they were under mind control , they were nettement diffferent , the male tall with a huge face ( pratiquement le contraire des image que j avais poster , la femelle a un small face , very small ....) les 2 indians were entrain d essayer de me dire we are not family memeber...i think Indians spirit are stupid ....that was con another couple were working around need to talk about nigger who start monkeying around at all possible chance ....
brief US rats sont meprisable ...

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