Saturday, January 30, 2010

NYC Pedophilia ...The little secret.

...Because New Yorkers are a bunch of pedophiles.....those pedos order Ecuadorians kids from quito and they get smuggled/delivered to NYC ...

of course it's an underground activity

7 years old girls been sold to pedos New Yorkers for their sick fantasy..." i wana do a little mestizo, i wana do a little mestizo !...just like Christopher Columbus men! ..." .And since kids are sold in Ecuador just like chicken the pedo New Yorker get what he wants , and the Ecuadorian Community is welcomed to NYC .....

No need to talk about Chinese kids smuggled to NYC for underground pedophilia rings... 8 years old Chinos girls are an everyday merchandise that get smuggled to NYC.

All this vast pedophilia activity is mostly originated from white female getting "destroyed" lol i love this ...."white females getting destroyed"..I think i will register this trade mark too .....well, getting destroyed by nigger's dick (Ask the black operator for more details).
And now NYC is officially pedos, and homos town.
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