Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NYC ...issues and stereotypes

NYC little dark secret....

Thousands of case never seen the light !

BLacks and Hispanics taking care of kids in Schools
Whites taking care of churches kids .

And of course everybody talk about Hernandez the Ecuadorian pedophile who licked a 3 years old girls vagina in the school bus a school bus !!!! lol NYC ...another reason to despise New Yorkers....This Hernandez became so famous .....i hear people talking about "it" all the time ...also people talk a lot about the 7 years old prostitute in Ecuador some of them are operating in NYC in mestizos infected areas.. ....And recently the AIDS among Chimps been brought up i heard half of niggers got AIDS ....for example if u see 2 nignogs togheter , one of them for sure got AIDS....If u see 2 apes you may ask them :"which one got AIDS?" at your own risks, of course spics are as infected as blacks like posted 2 mins before, they just dont get to make anchor babies anyways, AIDS or not in need welfare money .... .Nigger are toucher, and they try to give the best image they can of slaves descendants remains after deaths related to AIDS. And recently the eternal hair issue of monkey females had surfaced again ...., now u see Keisha always worried about her Wig, or shes wearing funny hats...etc

Conclusion lol we are making an essay here
NYC is disgusting ........You coexist with Spics, Chinese and Koreans , Ecuadorians are overpopulating like rats ....and of course Keisha® made in NYC is the most disgusting thing that can possibly exist.

P.S.The serial posts wont stop, it may rest it may get interrupted, but they are here to stay, we always keep up our word.... Clear the mestizos

That was an TaMere®Network post.
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