Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cause and remedy of the loose vagina syndrome among latina women.

....Lower Species can't interact in matters superior than their despicable existence as illegal nativos overpopulating like rats....
Illegal i like this one ...nativos....and illegal, how humiliating, Gringo invaded your land, enslaved your ass raped your women kids and culture (native Indians culture...)...Well you all were running half naked i dont blame gringo a lot, you been almost exterminated except those who accepted to surrender and live like eternal slaves....and now Gringo rules you and your "land" ..And you are considered Illegals ....or in the best of case you are treated like an inferior human beings...(thats true, nobody tell you on your face, but you are inferieurs...Les indiens remains...) as despicable as you are, as low as you are you surviving like rats in USA , like an labor class, your female since the discovery of the new world, are the eternal whores and servant in the planet earth. You have the nerve to even breath in this despicable existence of yours "Illegal Nativos" There is nothing more shameful, more degrading than your situation... I forgot you are sell out, so you dont care as long as you make dinero, the sell out nativos, who worshiped white men and bowed for him.

Or, are fighting back ....! oh ok! la Reconquista... pop as many anchor babies as it's biologically possible, rape white females and kids to cross breed all over USA , sneak from la frontera and make little rats to get a legal statute and make sure to overpopulate as fast as possible to ensure la reconquista....that's how you planning, your Reconquista?
While waiting for the day of la Reconquista by getting as many as live like the lower class in USA the replacement of the black slaves in the economic system. But it's okay work hard and make many bombinos, you will achieve la

There is nothing more despicable than that...But, i guess thats why they call you Spics.
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