It is alleged Colazzi had sexual contact with the boy while in the bathroom in November of 2007.

Darnell Washington, a school bus aide formerly serving P.S. 183 in Rockaway for Philippe and Elmer Transportation, has received a three year-sentence for molesting students. His M.O. was to give young boys "wedgies," then proceed to feel around. He also showed one of his victims a picture of a suspiciously young nude girl on his cell phone, which led investigators to discover Washington's cache of child porn. Washington tried to buy the children's silence with money and lollipops, but two came forward, prompting the investigation.

And of course everybody heard of spic, the Ecuadorian pedophile Rodolfo Hernandez accused of performing a sex act on a 3-year-old South Beach girl -- whom he chose, a police source said, because she has a speech impairment and presumably couldn't tell anyone.

But the child managed to communicate the vile details to her mother.

Rodolfo Hernandez, 52, of 51st Street, molested the little girl nearly a year ago, on March 14, 2007, while the two were alone on the bus, according to the source.