Sunday, July 18, 2010

Message to Chinese Community and New Pork City

Yes, you will receive "Dalilah in a box", it been approved, pray God to limit the damages, we got an hole arsenal to use .....And honnêtement we hais funny faces. They are noisy, sneaky, perverts and sellout.
We fully understand that little funny faces are used by white female to undo rejection...We do understand that in NYC as an entity all human garbage been used in an evil way, to undo, react, influence and manipulate, including, Niggers and Mestizos, by the way we propose a solution for niggers issue,(slavery: we dont recognize niggers as free, we call it superficial or strategic freedom), if you want freedom go back to Africa, the only place in earth were you will be free is Liberia, give it a thought....that's the real freedom, welfare, food stamps, and white females ain't freedom bra!...But your black ass got used to it, tant mieux ....!

Ce ci dit after "Delilah in a box", NYC as an entity will get served....And we always keep up our word.
The nature of our decision regarding NYC are still in probation, some are definitive, some are revocable, some are conditional, some are revocable with a condition.

And we feel sorry for how stupid and pathetic you all are.

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