Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Imminent invasion....Posting From Boston, MassHoles

 Now, that's a dead Mother Fucker!          Niggers on American Babies.

400 years of slavery and forced servitude! sure the reparation is going on, but face it, they are like 3rd class citizens, oh, okay, NFL, NBA, and the show biz stars!..that's the image America projecting to the world about the slave descendants and their try to eradicate every trace of the scare of Slavery from the American History.
The genocide of Native...You think Native spirit, forgotten or forgiven the attrocities of the white conquest, Reservation? 
Spics invasion is imminent..... Nigger destroying families and societies, and Spics are taking over by numbers; the west coast is already under Spics siege.....

Keep on comparing your dicks sizes and worrying on how to fill up the tunnel between your female’s legs digged by Niggers hammer.
Basically it's a desperate situation, but y'all ain’t feeling shit in your little milieu in Massholes, you worrying to be better than NYC? ...you doing it wrong...Y'all got the same Inferiority complex as New porker...Same issues..

Spics and Niggers are like expanding to the north, Boston is the Border to conquer the whole North Est and it has been infested by Spics, from all backgrounds, they all claim to be Puerto Ricans...But It's Spics army of Illegals to infest territories and bring lowness and ignorance, Niggers as always doing what they do best, with their eternal perversion, they destroy families and societies and cross breed as often as possible, raping is not an obstacle to lighten up the coons dark skin, and it works, light skinned Nigger think somehow they are "Not Nigger" or that they are Gentle Nigger or Civilized Nigger , The evil monkey inside the deviant mutant body is there, brought from the darkness of Africa after suffering almost an eternity it vowed revenge.... Now trying to take over the world by cross breeding left and right ...it's in Spics and minority bodies too....It's present in all aspect of the American life....

That's Why Abortion is a holly act!!

The pic below is amusate:
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