Wednesday, June 13, 2012

They just said "Oh, white girl bleeds a lot"

Another proof of the wild, savage nature of African Americans, and that all the efforts made since the emancipation to domesticate the Homo-Erectus were in vain, the primate was under control and productive at slavery time, T'dday, due to the degradation of the moral fabric of the  society, necessarily Americans going wild on interracial orgies, getting into cuckolding  and jerking of to Blackzilla movies, the animal succeeded to invade every aspect of American life and to take control of your body, spirit and soul, the all approved and advocated by the Zionist occupied government, serving Jews agenda of miscegenation, genetically diluting the trait of the dominant race to serve its Zionist agenda.
It is well known the status of Jews as the historically oppressed people, like the ethnic minority of the planet, advocating diversity is their ultimate racial weapon.

American Culture
Y'all like clowns, and too brainwashed to see  it
That's why TaMere Network proposed to establish a reservation for Negroes, same way it is for Native Americans, Lincoln -as well as many of  prominent politicians  and most of the white population at that time  -before the Emancipation, has plans to settle Slaves abroad, the Civil war burst, the south lost, he got busy with the reconstruction, and was assassinated before the issue of slave been addressed, and he finalize his plans for settlement.
A reservation for Negroes may relax the prison system which is the largest in the world, in a ridiculous proportions, somebody talking about failed Domestication? the  huge pressure on the welfare system caused by the dependence of freed slaves on their reparation at the form of federal aid, will disappear, Decency and human values will be part of the American society again, but, yet again, must convince Negros to be self-sufficient, that is impossible!

Well, law makers can work their brains out for the legal status of the Reservation, and the  issue of mixed -race must be addressed by the "gene stain" principle; you got a drop of Negros Blood in your veins, you go to Africans Reservation.

By Franco TaMere
TaMere Network 
Founder and President.

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