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Getting serieux about the Evolution Theory...

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Tired of Negroes roaming around, with their sleeveless shirts and muscular arms, after the insinuation that their thick muscular structure is rooted from their partially  animal nature, no racism here, just science and the theory of evolution, look at Dinosaurs skeleton and you will believe, look at domestic cats and tigers, join the Dots and you will give M. Atta reason, give it a thought and you will understand, -Assuming you are endowed with average intellectual Human abilities- nothing wrong, we all descended from the great ape, some evolved more than others, that's all, it's God's wisdom in his creations, it's the eternal fight between good and evil so Humans are judged on their séjour on earth, are you trying to contredire God's wisdom? thank God your cousins, modern humans, or crackas as you  call them got some sense of responsibility toward their millions of years distant relatives, what if the Black race stayed on it's own, without modern Humans you will be still in a quasi primitive stage.
See what's happened when you are not under control; in Slavery time, picking cotton made your primate musculature developing even more, like a fight dog under strict diet, and exercise, the partial animal genes mutate to the super slave, and been transmitted through generation, while normal modern humans with average/optimal intellectual ability with a modern human musculature, got to work their ass out in gyms lifting weight and doping to get the animal musculature, some opted for weapons, since as they say: "Around Blacks, never relax"the second amendment is the clause in the constitution granting humans the right to defend themselves from primates, and it is primordial as long as the American society is bio-evolutionary diverse, nowadays, you broke loose from the discipline leash, and here we go, catastrophic results, 80% are obese or overweight! and, as par hazard, while the statistics are 80 percent of fat former farm equipments, i see all Negroes in my sight are fit, and some extremely fat ones -usually a couple - completing the panorama to make it normal negroes population, roaming around, like trying to say, oh yeah, some of us are fat, but not all of us, NO! wrong proportions, it's 8 fat for 2 normal weight, not one obese for 8 in shape, still in shape is a relative term when talking about former slaves descendents, Negroes known an Devolution, in the sense that an 40 or even 60lbs overweight is considered healthy and often it is, their body known an adaptation to their situation as the fattest specie on the planet, while a normal modern Human with such overweight is considered abnormally stocking fat, and he needs an immediate medical attention to avoid health complications.

-note, i use modern humans, in comparison to Negroes partially evolved human, assuming that we all humans with different evolutionary stages, in other sites addressing the slaves descendants issue, they use humans vs Negroes, they go blind into comparing Negroes to apes. And i use the term Negroes, which is not a racial slur, but a scientific term originated in the late 18's when the evolution theory was a la mode and scientists were studying Negroes as a distinct specie, i use Nigger term as well, but that when addressing Negroes crime and disturbing behavior, in comparison to a Black person which represent a Negro trying to improve himself-

We, in TaMere Network we always touch deep in the soul, Negroes evil monkey spirit been toucher and it tries to deflect the attention about the necessity to put them to forced work and to misrepresent the situation of the Black race in the new world as over nourished while Africa is starving...

Cracka, recently discovered that their system of welfare system is like a farm, where the cattle are overnourished and risk a mass obesity related disease, oops, bad for the image of American in the world, and here is the circus; anti obesity campaigns are advertising, in tones like orders the necessity to watch their Diet, Americans are a priori known as stupid and with little knowledge about diet, just discovered that BIG, some times is no good, used to the motto; "bigger is better" now they realized that they are fat and stupid looking, not healthy, strong and the coolest people on the planet, the lady ala peruque inhabiting the White House, as an example of America advocating diversity and an homogeneous American society, started an campaign of sensibilisation about the gravity of the situation which some specialists called "reaching an near epidemic stage".

Tons of lose weight pills are made at the disposition of the fat stupid spoiled Americans for an easy, pain free weight lose, gyms are Americans new "a la mode" to do, Americans went blind trying to change how retarded they look, what they don't understand, is that the obesity is in their genes, and it been fusing into their genes since several decades, so désormais, they will be always knows as the fat stupid Americans and all the diets, pills and gyms of the world wont change a thing.
Soda companies been creating all kind of diet drinks, in all flavors to respond to the thirst of the large mammifère composing the American population, no result!
Downgrading in size and promoted by the government by making scary disgusting posters, depicting the amount of sugar in soft drinks and how it will be transformed into fat, oooh! got to make it like an elementary school poster to reach into the Americans modest comprehension...that was in vain too.

The best representation of the  extent of the crisis, is the recent ban of some soda sizes in NYC, No, mais honnêtement, Americans are old enough to control their apport caloric if they are overweight, lol OK, maybe they are out of Control, with Negroes leading in the obesity epidemic, discipline is not free..."freedom is free"...this extreme measure is a joke on the american population, it's like saying their are desperately fat and even dumb to even control their nutritional habit, and the government had to nanny them. It's the worst scenario of mind control and unability to be break free and independent from the government control, this is an insult to their civil rights, the ban on cigarette in public area was a sign that Americans are mass mind  controlled, the Soda size thing just approved it.

No need to talk about the flourishing of plastic surgery , liposuction is an industry mainly serving obese American, and if it means some thing it means that Americans are the stupid fat folks of the planet.

This post was supposed to be addressing the evolution theory, the partially evolved stage of Negroes, and the evolutionary gap at the roots of their behavioral allergy; Negroes are leading in the obesity epidemic with almost 80%, this is not an overnight consequence, it's the produce of multiple facts, the major fact is the drastically change in Negroes life style, "Lincoln freed the slaves and they never worked again since then" in a sarcastic sense, positive discrimination, all the aids designed almost exclusively to the black race, the black race treated like the spoiled ugly black baby until the point that some times being black is a privilege, the American life style infamous with the huge apport caloric Americans ingest in their predisposed obese system, the all with the fact that Blacks tend to be unemployed more than any other race, all this elements present the ingredients of an domestication situation, it is no secrets that Blacks are extremely dependent on the government Aid and they will never be self sufficient, during slavery Negros were productive and in shape, it  is due to the disciplinary measure they were faced with, nowadays, Negroes roam around like wild animals with no disciplinary constraints, as a result same as cattle left in the wild with unlimited nutritional resources, as primate as they are they will overeat and get fat, situation which will never happens if under Human control in farms, the nutritional input is controlled by Humans and their weight is under control, since their primitive mind will not apprehend the notion of sur alimentation,  and as an animal instinct they will eat as long as the resources are available, that's what happened with Negroes, in slavery time, their apport caloric was limited, and they were forced to work, in 2012 under Obama reign, a presumed slave merchant descendant, they are left on their own, and  as an primate with no comprehension of the necessity of the balance between caloric input and caloric output, their animal instinct out of control due to positive discrimination and politic correctness led them to becoming the fattest creature on the Planet.

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