Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Civil Rights Abuse

Enough is Enough...
If somebody calls the Cops, he will be charged with racism and lack of tolerance toward the so oppressed Black race.

Desormais, all none Black and Mestizos got to stand all this crap on a daily basic, in fact it is "Typical Negros Behavior", that the masses got used to and forced to tolerate since the Civil rights Movement.

This TNB has been going on since the post segregation era and the civil rights movement meant to give Blacks equal rights since their ancestors suffered the disastrous 400 years of slavery and as a way into reparation they can disturb, harass,  intimidate the hell out of every body and get away with it, by the name of political correctness, and because the Black race is A Victim A Victim A Victim, forever a victim, and eternal oppressed, they are always oppressed, doesn't matter what happened, they are the victim, even if they provoke, frustrate every body with their animals like behavior, if somebody complain, or even mention that Negros are causing public disturbance, he will be accused of racism and lack of tolerance toward the Oh! so traumatized Black race, if this behavior is coming from somebody else, you will see Negros crying outrage to inappropriate behavior, and they will start act the gentile Niggers next door, and of course, every body will give them reason, even the brainwashed stupid authorities, it's part of their work ethics and procedures to give right to Negros and to fuck everybody else by the name of political correctness.

Positive discrimination---  No, maie honnêtement  either they are biologically equal, or not, why the others must suffer because of the evolutionary gap of the Negros race.

What happened, is that, recently, the stoopid masses, start opening their eyes, well a very few, the others still totally brainwashed and think that they got to treat Negros as the spoiled ugly black baby, like the Dali lama of the Black and white America, because the Black race, is a supreme race and Blacks are supreme human beings --they were going to go to the moon if whitey didn't oppressed them with slavery and sheeet--( Thank's to MTV, BET...) and as a result all females and even males must suck their penis for blessing, and a sexual gratification for the Black men is a part of  American tradition and a bedrock in the Union between Black and White. Well, they figured out that their government is cheating them and favoring Negros for some dark agenda of the ZOG, sites like http://incogman.net/  shed the light about the situation and how the masses are dumbed down and used as dead brain human corpses.

The movement of total awakening start kicking in, the secession fever was the last example, it was a vain desperate try to break loose from the grip of the ZOG virtually enslaving their mind and soul, causing an physical appearance reflecting a state of physical degeneration caused by a long term dependence on the elite to dictate the rules of living the American life. The movement was in vain as predicted, shown a state of desperation and the impasse they are stuck in, unable to fight back due to a state of global quasi epidemic retardedness.
Impeach Obama campaign proved that the fat stupid lazy Americans are getting off from their vegetative state, and they actually awaking from the long state of hibernation they been put into grace au ZOG bien évidement...The worst president ever been his title, in the first term, and that never opened their eyes, forced to choke on a president of color for 4 years without moving a little finger, and it has to be a second term to start feeling the heat..The long term Recession and the economic decline going along with a boom in the percentage of people living on public assistance, were clear indicators, that Obama is the favorite president of the stupid masses and people of color, since he makes it easy for them to get more free shit, and the government cheese is more accessible under the reign of a president of colors, the recent debate about the immigration reform prove this orientation and it's a way to thank the illegals about the major role they played in his reelection.

Ceci dit, this post nothing to do with Obama, and affirmative action in the white house, it's about Negros abusing civil rights, and political correctness as an alternative to natural evolution and improvment of the human kind, definitely  not by wearing a wig. brief, people start fighting back, and they all like: " We wont be accepting this crap from Negros any more" Some case surface the media where some descent people got enough from Negros disturbing, and extremely provocative behavior--- must be brain dead (wich is the case of 99% of the masses) to not react; in fact people are scared from Negros, either they will cry racism, and call the cops, whom are trained to always take the primates side, like if the judicial system in America is an organization for animals rights, or the Negro will chimp out, and he or she will call his unemployed homies for support....People wised up and they just suck it up and let it go, this America after all. Blacks are supreme Human beings...they were going to go to the moon...etc

Mother: Boy slapped on plane is now apprehensive

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis woman says her 2-year-old son was traumatized by a man accused of slapping the boy and calling him a racial slur during an Atlanta-bound flight.
The boy's mother, Jessica Bennett, said in a statement Saturday that her son has become "apprehensive to strangers" since the Feb. 8 flight from Minneapolis.
Joe Rickey Hundley, of Hayden, Idaho, has been charged with simple assault. His attorney said he will plead not guilty.
Bennett, 33, told authorities her son was crying as the Delta Air Lines flight prepared for landing.Hundley, 60, was sitting next to her and slapped the boy in his face, causing a scratch under his right eye, she said.
Hundley "told her to shut that (N-word) baby up," FBI special agent Daron Cheney said in a sworn statement. "Ms. Bennett received assistance from several people on the plane."
Bennett said the infant began crying louder after he was hit.

Alec Baldwin reportedly yells racial slur at photographer in New York
Alec Baldwin’s war with the media apparently rages on, after allegedly calling an African-American photographer a "crackhead," "a coon" and "a drug dealer."

The incident happened over the weekend after Baldwin was approached by a New York Post reporter, Tara Palmeri, and photographer G.N. Miller outside the 54-year-old actor’s Manhattan home. Palmeri and Miller were there to interview Baldwin about reports that his wife, Hilaria Thomas, is being sued.

When Palmeri asked Baldwin about the suit, he reportedly grabbed her and said “I want you to choke to death.” Palmeri played an audio recording of the incident for police, the Post reported.
After allegedly lashing out at Palmeri, Baldwin then allegedly spewed racial slurs at Miller, a decorated former NYPD detective. Miller filed a harassment claim with police, as did Baldwin.  

=>>About the 2 cases presented above:

The 2 cases presented above present isolated cases of Citizens fighting back the "Civil right Abuse" inflicted to them since the 80's by the name of political correctness, and they learnt the lesson from Riots resulting from bothering the spoiled ugly negro baby and trying to treat it like all the subjects of the law, and just to discipline it,while it's exercising it's Civil Aright abuse . The result are disastrous, riots and clashes with the authorities to defends their right to abuse the civil rights of everybody, people learnt that Negros are  special citizens, and it been implemented in their retarded minds that you got to let it go, if it's a Negro  let it go, let it go, or the result will be disastrous! You may cause civil unrest or even civil war, if you complain about Negros while they are busing civil rights of everybody, anyways, that's their nature, nobody can do shit  about it, it's a Black person, they learn at an tender age to treat it in a special way, it's the national heritage of America and the result of a bloody Civil war.  Somehow it is implemented in their subconsciousness that Blacks built America (...). So you see American since a tender ages treating Blacks like if they are a national treasure, from special treatment in public services to sexual gratification...etc

Time start to change, and it has to be extreme circumstances, people start feeling like: "Enough is enough" and the ugly spoiled baby start losing its privilege as the national treasure, they finally discovered that Negros aren't special because they got a bigger one, or because they can sing, entertain or jump higher than every body else, they are simply less evolved that modern Humans, which gives them some animals attributes and characteristics, which the stupid masses find fascinating.

People see their lives getting fucked up while Blacks are milking the resource left and right, sometime it is more privileged to be Black and life is easier to Negros.

So the 2 cases presented above are just normal citizens reacting to Negros extremely disturbing and even intimidating behavior, Negros harass,  disturb, harass and even assault people and are gifted with their evil vocal cords to cry racism and to lie in the face of every body and get away with it, Negros are evil, they manipulate the facts, they lie, they are hosting an evil spirit vowing revenge from modern Human, it's the evil blood line stuck in Africa since forever and finally unleashed in the new world, to start ruling the world through the ZOG.

Yeah OK  the little negro got slapped in the plane, maybe the reaction went a little further, but Negros got used to disturb and bother the Hell out of every body and nobody complains, it became a part of their daily behavior and the stupid masses just got used to it and they swallow it by the name of political correctness. Negros  makes it their patriotic duty to make as much disturbance as they can (400 years of slavery not easy to forget). They shout in their Cell phones in quit areas and nobody complains, other wise its racism and depriving Negros from their civil rights, which like cited before can cause disastrous consequences.

Bon, Baldwin may be overreacted, But, Negros are known for their intolerable behavior, and they are wicked as chimpanzees, they may provoke you, to push you out of control, make all the efforts necessary so you overreact and, they cry racism, manipulate the facts, and they are gifted to make up lies and often people and even the authorities which may be compared to an animal rights activist organization, they tend to incline toward the OH! so oppressed Black race and of course Negros they take advantage of the situation, to get more laws to grant them more civil rights abuse and more sympathy from the dumbed down masses.

Ce qui nous ramène to the case of Md . Atta. with Keisha which will be presented in another post.

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