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Welcome to NYC: We recycle!

NYC is the home of the largest African American community in the country, the largest Chinese community outside of Asia, the largest Puerto Rican community, the largest Ecuadorian community abroad, and the second largest Indian community, and overall its demographic is more immigrants oriented than native... All these facts create a double standards in NYC, the large presence of immigrants and minorities lowering the standard of different aspects in NYC, such as Education and Employment, such low standards are invisible to the naked eye, due to the colossal size of the city, making NYC reputed for its gigantesque status as its known, as the melting pot, while in reality, it's not melting at all, creating a socio-economic stratification resembling nearly to a caste system which will draw the famous orange line as it will be presented later on by TaMere Network.

Sanctuary cities:

"Sanctuary city is a term that is applied by some to cities in the United States or Canada that have policies designed to not prosecute undocumented immigrants in the country they are currently living in. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto). The term generally applies to cities that do not allow municipal funds or resources to be used to enforce federal immigration laws, usually by not allowing police or municipal employees to inquire about an individual's immigration status. The designation has no legal meaning."

                                                                                                                              From Wikipedia

"This post is about NYC, but it goes for all cities called Sanctuary for immigrants, and colored people, since immigrants and colored people often share the same history, present, and future". 

NYC, the Melting Pot.

Vue the colossal size of NYC, and its immigrants oriented status, If we take into consideration the History of America, necessarily what was called colored people, and if we put it in the frame of NYC today with its invisible stratification based on socio economic standards, since there is a huge gap between 2 main classes, we will see the emergence of a new definition of colored people, rooted from the large presence of Immigrants in NYC, which are called simply people of colors doesn't matter their skin color, ethnic appurtenance of nationality, the demographic weight of people of colors in NYC will create an distinct identity, an entity in NYC which will try to improve its image and fight its subordinate situation and to avoid to get compared to what it was called colored people in the 60's and as a consequence a relative partial new segregation era.

Colored people, more about History than a skin shade. 

... As a result and in a counterattack, people will start their symphony about skin colors comme koi all created equal and that "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives examples of the various "unalienable rights" which the Declaration says all human beings have been given by their Creator and for the protection of which they institute governments...The whole process promoted by affirmative action and political correctness. 

When they start their stupid retarded debate about kin colors and their arguments about immigrants achievement, and how they are in NYC the world's capital (citation needed) Here, view your situation from this angle: 

it's not about tour skin colors or appearance, it's about what it represents and the historical events related to it with all the consequences on you as a "person" or as a "sub-person" today, you cant cross the burden of the constraints imposed by History, Anthropology and mental development within few decades, the Humanity took thousands of years to reach optimal mental abilities until the revolution Industrial... 
That's the point, around that period, Negros, as called Blacks today, were roaming around half-naked in a quasi-primitive stage, and Mestizos or Brown were trading precious natural resources, women, and kids for whiskey and blankets, also were in a quasi-primitive stage.... Chinese were still underdeveloped until they start opening up on western culture, get beyond the wall, sneak and copy everything western civilization created, Indians as well were in a quasi-primitive stage before the British colonization. 

That's the origin of the appellation of People of Color.

There are tanned people all over the world, but with optimal mental and physical development, does that make them People of Color? nope..

It will take your mentality a lot longer to achieve the maturity of a modern human.

From Colored people to people of color.

As cited before the definition of People of Color been extended to all Immigrants in NYC, not only Negroes and Mestizos. Chinese, Indians, Middle Eastern and Brown Asians in general fit in the definition of People of Color..It is more about a common situation and shared socio-economic characteristics causing the formation of a certain mentality specific to this group of people than it's about an appearance, ethnic origin or Nationality. 

Chinese history in America is known for their low status compared to other Asians and to all Immigrants in general, They were known as the "Mongolian horde," and on April 17, 1882, the House passed the "Chinese Exclusion Act", signed by President Chester Arthur. 
The law was named after its sponsor, Representative Horace F. Page, a Republican who introduced it to "end the danger of cheap Chinese labor and immoral Chinese women". 

Indians, as it will be presented later on, are known as "Niggers of the Planet" due to their 2nd more populous nation in the world and their dark complexion causing their obsession with skin fairness and skin bleaching; rooted from the caste system in India that was established upon the British invasion of India, making it automatically implemented in their mind that lighter means better and superior.. 
In America and NYC they will just import that mentality even it gets worst in America due to the Black and white history in America. 
Brown Asians go by the same Mentality as Indians. 

From a White controlling majority to a colored rising minority

In America a white minority within decades has being predicted by the U.S census bureau, that's the demographic "Take Over", but even before the demographic edge is reached, people of color generally are reserved a preferential treatment, via all policies and positive discrimination instated by the Zionist Occupied Government in its eternal effort to enhance its demographic base, and dilute the white class, sometimes you think that people of color are above the law, or they are some kind of special citizens. they are getting stronger, acceding to key positions and spreading in all fields and superior hierarchies. 

They got a dark soul, they may not show it, but they storing the bitterness of the past deep in their soul, they will bite the hand feeding them at the first chance, they got nothing of human, they are hosting the Beast spirit, and behave just because they are forced to, look at Black Lives Matter crap, how they want the cops to go soft on criminal or suspicious individuals, and its working, they are getting the sympathy of stupid people, they got preferential treatment just because of their ancestors History..etc, that's the "Take Over", it may not reached the demographic edge yet, but the strategic gain is made. 

They Gain sympathy, play the victim card, before the backstabbing

A state of mind divide 2 different groups regardless of their colors, or nationality, a feeling of mental subordination submerge a large groups of people it is rooted from deep in their minds and may not show up on their behavior, Brown Asians and Arab Immigrants fit in this category extending the demographic base of people of color, and if we ignore the fake appearance of a melting pot, political correctness advocating equality despite the gap in mind development and mental abilities, and if we ignore that "in NYC we recycle" and that the mentality of people in NYC got used to the large presence of immigrants and as consequence the major part of them shifted into more or less associating themselves with immigrants, to preserve the aspect of NYC as 'Immigrants City, or 'Sanctuary City' as they are called, and giving up their identity for a relative "white trash" appellation...

If we Ignore all these facts, the formation of people of colors as presented before, and the large and ever extending demographic base they represent along with the danger they represent since the bitterness of their subordinate situation is stored deep inside their mind and never surface due to 'Diplomatic Behavioral' reasons, will cause the development of a class more aware of the danger of the emergence and the formation of people of color as a distinct entity with a larger, more diversified demographic base and a more improved socio economic situation, making it representing a real menace to the a priori controlling and ruling white race.
Along with the recent immigration reform and the demographic shift toward a declining of white dominance as a major racial group and some start to get the long-term effects and some hidden agenda, which is simply called: 'the Take Over"

The Take Over: Evil Prevails in America

It looks like America is in Cold "civil war" It started decades ago by diluting the white race by advocating diversity and racial integration and assimilation, dumbing down the white masses by the Zionists controlled Media making whities so excited to adhere to color people life style, since it represents diversity which is automatically associated with modernity, the demographic shift is toward a white minority within decades, the colored president making it a mission in the white house to get color people as many strategic advantages as he legally and illegally can, the Amnesty bill, and As the ultimate step disarming citizens to a complete the 'Take Over", "Sandy Hook Shooting:" was used until the bone to get strategic advantage of the event it is even been speculated about if "Is It Time to Change the Second Amendment?" even after more than a year, the shooting still subject to speculation and analysis.

Zimmerman case, which is the simply shooting of a savage Negro in pure self-defense was used as another card to try to disarm law abiding citizens from their right to self-defense against primates.

many incidents will follow causing the formation of Black Lives Matter movement, which simply can be described as Civil Rights Movement 2.0, since the sense of entitlement, reached ridiculous levels and they just want more, and more rights until the Take Over is complete, and they will upgrade their status from colored people to super, above the Law citizens, this explains the importance and the timing of Trump campaign and candidacy, colored led by Zionist policy makers aiming to a total Take Over, and crashing the middle class collapsing into poverty under legislations and policy, making them wondering if they are equal to colored.

NYC: Thriving of marginal classes, Colored people Central

If you take a close look at NYC demographic composition you will find a common point between all racial groups who predominantly compose NYC; NYC is home of the largest African American community in the country, the largest Chinese community out of Asia, the second largest Indian community in America, the largest Ecuadorian community in America and a major part of the overall Mestizos population in America and of course the largest Jewish community out of Israel and in America. The common point between all these racial groups is slavery or being dominated by visage pale. Negros are known for the transatlantic slave trade as their roots in America, Chinese been enslaved in railroads and gold mines, and known the so humiliating "Exclusion Act", Indians from India British occupation created a deep scare deep in their soul represented either by the caste system or their obsession with skin bleaching, Mestizos same as Negros endured the genocide and enslavement of their ancestors, finally Jews are the eternal enslaved race. Well, now they're punishing Palestinians for their history and everybody who dare to be on the Zionist imperialist movement path. It seems that that is the essence of NYC and the niche of Zionism; the doctrine of the historically oppressed people, now got united and unleashed a beast that went on a worldwide rampage taking revenge of humanity. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only free person in NYC along with people who don't belong here, it amuse me that they got the status of the liberty like if there was a massive enslavement movement and its over, even none Jew white who exist in the city are mentally enslaved and it seems that they traded their soul for Jewish money, or Zionist money or any way you want to call it, since there is no line to separate Zionism from Jewism. Sometimes I think that in NYC I'm dealing with the same entity in different bodies and backgrounds, they all sing the same symphony.

Beyond Sanctuary cities: Scary Spiritual union in NYC

Believe it or not, there is a spiritual union between, Negros, Mestizos, Chinos, Hindus and all kind of Immigrants. what was called colored in the 50's are now called people of colors or second class citizens and it's demographic base is larger than it was, and it's not about color, it's more about a shared past, present, and future in term of being the marginal class, since whites are not minority ....Yet. 

In fact there is 2 entities sharing the soul of people...look at his eyes...the beast got its army....and its rising, slowly but surely, until the "Take Over" is complete or a radical change is made into the national policies that treat those people as Gods chosen people, and make them above the law with their stupid sense of entitlement and Black Lives Matter crap, Electing Trump is a step into the right way, before it too late and the Take Over is finalized. 

As cited at the beginning of this post, its about NYC, but it goes for all cities called Sanctuary cities, where a spiritual union unite certain group of people, when those people bound with each other, they target their common enemy, who oppressed them through History, it even takes a global perspective, in the international scene, when Zionism prevail in the word, because, good men fail to act, Lee Punniisher, present it from another angle in this post:

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