Monday, April 1, 2013

Redefining my Vocabulary:

Basically I stereotype America by History related Colors like in

But, i went even further to a global overview based on the degree of enlightenment and the state of mind, which will be the base of the main website of TaMere Network, drawing the orange line since the birth of humanity and distinguishing between 2 main different blood lines since Adam and eve, will be the main them that TaMere Net will base its main site on. But for now i use these 2 definitions:

PIGS: referring to Americans because they suck a monkey's dick to get United and keep the Union. They are drown in their lust, and when they wake up, probably it will be too late.

Shit People: Refers to a lower form of life that exist in America, rooted mainly from slaves descendants and native Americans remains in improved look, inhabiting Ghetto and marginal areas forming second class citizens or people of color.
The reason I call them Shit people is the unproductive role they play in the society, the term wasted existence was used before, but Organic waste, or Shit People is the proper definition and it gives an ample presentation of their productivity and life style, and of their existence in America, their existence may be defined as worthless, since they are dependent on the government Aid to thrive in a milieu that try to integrate them, in vain, due to some hereditary genetic obstacles, which may take us further into the evolutionary gap, and the theory of the monkey man.

In the best of case, they are pushed a little further from their Parasite status through affirmative action, positive discrimination and all the effort made to integrate these people compared to Organic wast in the sense that they are worthless, if the economy is compared to a human body, and productive people to nutriments, which will help build and maintain the body, these people due to their marginal role and worthless nature, may be compared to the organic waste, or simplement called "Shit People".

About Colored Babies...
"It's better to abort than to rise a whole generation of corrupted souls degenerate humans..."
Did you see how colored people use babies as an investment, if it wasn't for the welfare money, she will abort the motha fucking baby, no need extra expenses while on welfare, making her offspring unholy growing to be criminals and on welfare too creating a vicieux cercle.
Abortion as a way into purification of souls. The more babies are born the hardest is to beat evil power on earth.

Franco TaMere

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