Saturday, November 9, 2013

Introducing Baby America....

America going oral sweeping through the north est; PIGS start feeling the heat... Telling 300 millions stupid fat arrogant pigs that ..."Yes, they can, they can ORAL ME" And that their females are junk, trash and disposable... La Chienne offers her womanhood, and Franco TaMere tells her..."Nah, Thanx, all I Want is your mouth"...Les Chiennes from all backgrounds start feeling the rejection...They play the race and background like if I give shit about their ancestry... They speculate on what race I may consider acceptable ...LMOA...They didnt get it YET..

They are too stupid to Understand!!This TaMere Network Vs America and all the corrupted souls human garbage present on the American territory at any given time. 

Soon From TaMere Network: "The Land, the Womb and the BJ" by Sa Majesty Franco. TaMere

Back in Queens, I send the brand news back, and I tell them "I NO CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS" But NYC as well as America still stalking me as well as all the Network members, since we informed them that all females in America, represent the Whore of Babylon and de facto is the modern time witch or the feminine personification of Satan, Why you think we decided that "America Gone Oral no joke here, it's Satan offspring and the whore of Babylon ovulating, I been guided by invisible forces to stay away from this evil low form of life all this years.

Remembring May 3rd

Giving the expression"kill yourself" a global national meaning...10th leading cause of death in 2009 ...Quand je pense que a couple of chiennes m'ont lancer..."KILL YOURSELF" when I mocked some part of their culture or insinuate how trash and reject they are...brief..qu'elle burn en enfer.

Today est l'anniversaire de l'executon/murder de OBL...que son noble ame repose ne paix he tried... he failled, se fait balancer par les lache genre halal food vendors with a stinky beard and an American ass kissers soul...OBL killed unarmed...trop d'humiliation pour les states un passage hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan dans les PIGS mission of search for OBL and destroy every thing in your path...bon people just remember the Towers and their victims...La planete est full of stupid brain washed corrupted souls ...Bon de ma part je fais ce que bon me semble...may 2nd Boom OBL murdered...may 3rd America gone oral...let may 3rd be the day America got fucked in the a attempt to keep away from Satan Ovulation. 

All I see is modern time witches, incarnation of the whore of Babylon all around in the states, she present herself in different colors, shapes, forms, ages and sizes, thinking claiming certain ancestry or national origin, a religious believe will make her acceptable, it is will known that Satan is able to corrupt woman doesn't matter their background, color or religion Its hard for their naive perception, women are Satan's bridge into Humans soul.

The Orange line roots.

The principle of the corruption of souls is at the root of the basic theory of my orange line, studies have shown that an 100% looking white person in America having Negros genes...the multi-generational cross breed plays a role but also the practice of oral sex among married white woman transmitting Negros genes to the baby Orally...making your whole nation bellow the orange line unless you divide the states in 4 or more parts and/or you establish a Reservation for Negros... 

D'ont blame me i just dont like trash people...doesn't matter your appearance or status its hard to claim the status of a "decent human" you keep trying to faire le moral to others while you are too blinded to see your sad reality as degenerate humans, Satan spawn and the whore of Babylon offspring. Yeah! You can always pray god bless America! Its funny when you use the religion card you perverted corrupted souls.

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