Monday, March 23, 2009

Chimp-out in grocery line.

Posted on a NYC Forum:
I was behind a a sheboon once in the "10 items or less" line at a grocery store.
The nigger had at least 20 items on the belt and was gibbering full volume on it's sail fone while waiting.
When it got up to the cashier (a young white girl) the cashier told the sheboon she couldn't check her through the line because she had more than 10 items and pointed to the sign.
It was as if the sheboon had been tazed and called fat nigger at the same time.
It yanked the phone away from it's head amd started shreiking "I is aint goin thru no otha muhfuggin line, now check meez thru!"
The girl said I'm sorry, I can't.
With that the cashier turned off the scanner and started diverting the sheboons items to the back of the bagging counter where they would be out of the way.

This set the sheboon off again.
It started yelling "Yooze check me thru if I wuz sum white bitch sho nuff" (the race card of course) and "Iz aint puttin dat shit back neither, yooze can put it backs yo-self bitch.
An Iz aint nebbuh comin back to dis mufuggin place agin".

By now all of us humans standing nearby were either giggling or laughing out loud.

The sheboon, who was around 300lbs. and wearing a day-glo moo-moo, waddled out of the store while yelling obscenities into her sail fone.

Too funny!

As I checked through, I looked at the sheboons abandoned "items".
They consisted mostly of snack chips, snack cakes, a couple packages of purple colored (grape?) freezee pops, and shit like that.
I'm sure if the cashier had checked her through the nigger would have "paid" for it all with food stamps.
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