Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is a cracker?

Well a cracker is a term used for white slave masters who would "crack" the whip at the negro population for being to dumb lazy and stupid to learn proper english.... the whip cracked for that reason - english lessons - not because of the iron shackles....... and get jobs.... ... excuse me mr slave master, i'm gonna hop on down to the feed store and apply for a job........Although every other race of people that came here was for opportunity and to get away from real oppression,and amazingly they don't have that problem!If u noticed most eagles fans are white and half the team is white too!U don't have a clue about football and that's never gonna change cuz ur a stupid monkey! Black people smell like crisco oil and serve no use to mankind. coffee? ... ... it's like someone having a seizure in letters... tangled, absurd, dim-witted letters.... mamma mia...
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