Monday, May 4, 2009

Evolution of American social life...

I am a white man, i just got married ...using a mail bride service, i want to ask if it works as a normal marriage...i been married before to a white female, didn't work out, she cheats a lot, mostly with black men, she became so loose, i could fit my hole fist in her vagina without her feeling anything ...thats ok for me as long as she can blow me, and do her anal, but recently she was asking me to watch the black guys while gang banging her ...HELL NO!!! ain't gonna be cuckolded...So i left the white bitch, as an white American citizen, i knew i can get a mail bride from Asia...(i wish i was in the Korean war lol ), to tell the truth, i was cheating on my wife too, when she tell me shes going to see her black lover, i start my car, and find the closet Chinese whores house ..i don't know if this is adultery since shes doing black men all over in new york, plus shes so loose, little asian whores are tite and young, that make me feel i am doing my daughter lol... I had these info after a little search ...what do you all think ?
"Mail Order Brides
There have been 10,000 Filipina mail order brides entering the United States every year. Two Honduran "mail-order-brides" were imprisoned with their children and raped. The American mail-order bride industry has become a multi-million dollar business, marketing women from developing countries as potential brides to men in Western nations. In the United States, mail-order-bride agencies are developing everywhere. One business, A Foreign Affair, has had more than 150,000 male buyers since it began three years ago. Now there are 400 to 550 of these companies in the United States, a third of which started in 1997. At least 180 of these focus exclusively on asian women. A Foreign Affair has about 3,500 women from China, Asia and Latin America. The business claims they are responsible for an engagement or marriage every week."

What do u think? should i get a mail order Bride or, i just keep hitting on little asians whores....i am disgusted of white females, latinas stinks, a black female? uh uh no way, i am racist plus they all got AIDS ... What do u suggest Americans? please niggers or Hispanics, dont answer me ... Asians ..only if u had ure lil sister for sale ...

P.S.the pics aint mine , i just made some research to illustrate my post.
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