Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Message from a black man in NY state.

You really don't know your history as a white man. In colleges and universities there are fine white girls getting Black meat. Do you think for one minute that sexy attractive white women are going to let fat white women have all the fun! We are tagging fine white girls in college, all over in america we get more than white guys, even if we sleep with the same white woman, you are limited with your smallness, not us we go deep and white women LOVE it. You are not going deep enough thats why she wants the black penis, it goes deep and she feels something with us she can never get from you. FYI wealthy white women in Harlem, and even from up state New York during the 20's and 30's and even today would pay to have a Black Man give it to them. Just deal with it white males wish God had endowed them as he did us Black males. Oh yes we go deep in white women. Think about it your mother, and sister, and one day your daughter will crave that Big Black Penis!!!!

But Its okay average u cant be white and have an big dick .
See, you ancestors enslaved black people for almost 400 years .

Now , black men go deep in ure females and make them loose and turned most of white men into homos to ensure their freedom , if they don't : they will ask u for compensation about slavery years...nobody wants that to happens ,so , we close our eyes ,female are enjoying to be the peace keepers of usa , and everybody is happy and enjoying to be an American citizen ....

Got it ?
Dont go on the web search for pics and post them ...
Reality is more hardcore than porn site.
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