Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy valentine's day NYC

Scrolling down the posts on this forum of this shit hole human garbage recycling facility aka NYC, or Chinos and Mestizos niche for promoting pedophilia of their little things. Gives a vast idea about the issue that y'all suffer from : 4 majors issues :

1/Penis envy...among Hispanic and white men ...Asian are marginalized, since it sounds desperate for an Asian male to even try to talk penis size.
2/Homosexuality among Latinos, as a way of life in NYC. And the constant efforts of Spics to try to deviate l'attention about how low they are.
3/NYC females as rejects, for divers reasons. Only an loser New Yorker can accept them as they are.
4/The repetitive Asian/white men posts originated by Negras and Latinas inferiority complex.

And now the circumcision issue is brought up, for some reason ....Why not talk about abortion, and all those anchor babies that had to be aborted at the 1st place....You Mestizos and Chinos kids lovers .....oh, lets let the Chinos and Mestizos make anchor's okay will pay for them for now... Few years later, they start walking and make good sucky sucky and fucky® fucky® .....jejeje...PPeeedooooos !

We do need little Mestizos and little Chinos ...Nobody wants a white female back after she got "destroyed" by a black dick ...

So, no It's official NYC is Homos and Pedos town and it's muting to NPC....
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