Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i hate my own dominican race- tell you why

My mother is a duane reade manager and she is always telling me how she fires the prettiest girls, she calls them sluts and shit. but when i see them and try to talk to them- they seem very nice. i went out with one she fired and she was the most decent girl i ever met, she was indian and pretty as hell. she goes to school, she has a make up artist certificate degree from mac cosmestic company. she cuts my nappy ass hair perfect! and her parents oddly lets me come over for dinner. yeah i bought her a coach watch cause she was a better girlfriend than my dominican ex. she was cheating on me with a puerto rican- mind the fact she hates puerto rican men, ironic huh? my mom i realize is a true dominican woman, she is jealous of pretty woman and any girl that has a nice body and wears fitted clothes is a slut.

now my brother who is 34 years old has been in prison since he was 27. he sold ounces of weed, he got a restraining order from his girlfriend for beating her- and he would cheat on her all the time. my brother at one point caught an std! my brother would never work and even though he was a drug dealer making tax free money- he would steal my dad and my money as well! he was the reason we got a lock box.

my father ain't no better either. he tells my mom that he is not into sex no more, but he is a good looking man. i got a hold of his cell phone a couple times and some young sounding females would call him talking very sweetly. when i say "this is his son" they hung up very fast! everytime he got a "serious" business call he would leave the house and be walking down the block.

im embarassed my my dominican race- they rob indians and white people all the time, they beat up mexicans, they talk shit about puerto ricans, they tag team with colombians to sell drugs, they are racist towards black people, they are cheaters and beaters as well as users. and dominicans are mostly like this and thats not fair for me who is a good guy cause i'm nothing like my family. oh! i'm also the only one who got his education and i'm not ignorant or homophobic or sexist.

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  1. thx for the blog, u r 100% right in every word. I wish that Arizona law come to NYC to get rid of the lice in NYC which are the Duminicans...

  2. hey, sorry you feel that way, but I believe that you are dominican, and because you family it is doing what they doing, do not mean you and all the rest of dominican are doing the same, agree in some part of the old generation, old school, they was race that way, but we the new generation, the future dominican, we are doing different, we have tpo worry about what we are doing and make sure we are not going to repeat what other people with a lack of education and with the old school culture are doing, I will say to you, keeping doing what you are doing about getting a better education, plan to race you children and a differengt eviroment, with a new vision of life...please don't hate any one even if they hate you, it is on them, feel proud on who you are, don' forget that you are DOMINICAN TOO..
    Love from Florida,,,,,,I am Dominican Too

  3. brother i understand but thats not dominicans... thats just bad ppl in general.
    ive had horrible experience with the boris and dominicans but i dont hold the race responsible for theyre mistakes. you seem young but smart... remember these words... "Life is chess not checkers"
    there will always b bad ppl in the world but to change the world one must change ourselfs (ghandi).

  4. im a dominican woman 21 yrs old nurse, living in california, never cheated on any of my boyfriends b4 only had 3 relationships my whole life. i have never envied a girl because she was pretty. my father a mechanic passed away when i was 6 in the D.R. my mother a nurse never remarried or had a bf since, its been 15yrs now and still hasnt gotten married. i come from a very christian family united family. white people robbed indians of their land. puerto rican people talk shit about dominicans as well. everyone gets cheated on or cheats no matter what race. and let me not say how many people are in jail and how many people steal. mexican people beat other people as well or maybe u havent heard of some of their very popular gangs? i've met blacks who are racist against white. and the friends that i have that are dating black men end up beaten and cheated on. im just sayin i hear alot of muslim who are proud of being muslim yet their extremist beliefs are responsible for some of the worlds most terrorist attacks. im proud of being dominican. my country is beautiful my people are beautiful our dances are beautiful carnival amazing. be proud of who you are cuz if ur not who will be? and if you werent dominican you wouldnt be you

  5. I just finished reading stereotype after stereotype. How do I even begin this?

    First of all, SHAME ON YOU; not for being Dominican, but for feeling anything other than pride and honor.

    I am curious...Do you even know your history? DR has fought so hard and so long for its Independence, for its freedom. Don't be the least surprised if your great great grand father gave his life up so that his descendants could have a flag of there own (this is how you repay your for-fathers?) SHAME? because your family has disappointed you? because struggles in your previous relationship have created resentment if your heart? ARE WE TO BLAME? I ask you as a fellow Dominican women.

    I am Dominican, actually going to DR tomorrow, and I cant even begin to express the sense of patriotism that I feel to be a Dominican girl.

    I was born in Manhattan, went to school over there for two years (3rd & 4th) and to say that it was the most memorable experience of my life would not do justice. I love everything about DR: the simplicity, the culture, the view, the slight connection every Dominican shares with each-other(you know what Im talking about dont act like you dont.)

    Listen, I have cousins that teach in Columbia and Dartmouth, I am proud of them. I have a grandfather who served as a marine in the Dominican army, I am proud of him. That tiny little island broke away from Spain, from Haiti, from the U.S because we believed in Dios Patria y Libertad, we believed in the undenying spirit of our culture that laid subconsiously in our hearts.

    We are not perfect, corruption exist everywhere, its in everyone.
    RACISM: lack of education, offspring of ignorance.

    If I were to be born again, I would choose to be Dominican in every lifetime.

    You just need some soul searching and realize what you are really ashamed of. Your family? Your past? Your inability to break away from things that bother you?

    I cant change your mind, but I can tell you that people died so that you could call yourself Dominican, do not let there lives be in vain.


  6. You cannot describe every Dominican solely based on your family’s choices and behaviors. Every Dominican is not the same. I am educated, I am not a sexist, and for sure not racist towards anyone especially African decent individuals; I was born and raised in Dominican Republic.

  7. Hey I am sorry you feel that way. You are a good person and I am proud of you. Facebook me. My name is Frankie Tejada and I am from Somerville. My email is

  8. Fuck u nigga
    U just hatten us Dominicans are proud and
    How are we races to black people almost all of us are black dum ass
    And puerto ricans ask for it

  9. omgoodness i never leave comments on random blogs but you are so wrong. just cuz your Dominican family is fucked up doesn't mean we all are. my parents are both doctors. my brother has never done weed and im not not slut or hate on ppls cuz they are pretty. all of my family aunts and uncles are educated and they are not ghetto. sorry u got stuck with a crazy family, in all races there are bad people and good normal ones. so dont judge us the same and please stop talking trash about our race.

  10. I agree with you Ive been to Spain, Costa Rica and and Argentina and what's a shame is us Dominicans have a bad name is all those countries. Our sterotypes include: prostitues drug dealers or barber, ghetto and disrespectful.
    Not all of us are like though. many Dominican take pride in our culture a heritage and its very narrow minded 13+ million people the same way.