Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blacks Weren’t the Only Slaves in USA

African Americans weren't the only slaves in America. Native Americans were made slaves and Chinese girls were sold into prostitution.

Native American Slaves
The good ole padres, who invaded the new World, enslaved hundreds of thousands of Native Americans, unfortunately this slavery continue in an form or another trough cheap labor and welfare system...what we commonly call "labor slavery."
But Natives, mostly Ecuadorians and Mexicans find this form of slavery often more attractive than the horrible conditions back in their native land. (Ecuador average income for the middle class is 5 dollars a week ).Discover more about Ecuador.

Chinese Girls Sold into Prostitution

The African Americans and Native Americans weren't the only folks that found themselves in bondage. Out on the West Coast during the California Gold Rush that began in 1849, boatloads of young Chinese girls were shipped in and sold into slavery as prostitutes.That's explain the formation and the development of the Chinese American Community in USA....

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