Friday, August 13, 2010


How on earth could a person lower himself to fuck a savage NIGGER. This is an illegal act, you can not have sex with another species. Possibly it is a power trip for a man to fuck this lowlife, dirty, filthy, species. He can dominate as if he was fucking an ugly goat or a chicken. I would sooner hack my dick off before I fucked a NIGGER.

black women vaginas are nasty looking.sometimes black females,look almost like burnt meat that is still rare on the inside,if you look at their vulva. And most of black females neglect vaginal health compared to other females, so they may be more apt to develop a smell down there.

black females neglect there Vaginas and usually do smell. Sometimes I think it's funny that there own men don't want them, and sad.

Posted on a NYC forum...adjusted to fit this blog

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