Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fact about the Ghandies....aka "shitskin" more commonly called Indians

The personification of the ghandies God....Hes been resurrected ....
If only ShitSkins know how much i despise their Cows Worshipers Ass..!

Reintroducing ShitSkin®

ShitSkin® refers to Indians (from India Not native Americans)
Well, it refers to Indians, due to their shitty attitude, and their eternal inferiority complex toward Chinese and other Asians in general, mostly originated from their skin color that makes them feel like Niggers of asia or Asian Mexicans in usa...they really feel down ...i do feel their pain, i just ignore them ....

India is a shit hole in Asia, it's like hell in Asia, people just ignore them because it's desperate to even start to argue with a ShitSkin®.
To complement Indians : Tell them they look like skinny Niggers with straight hair
ShitSkin® love Philadelphia ....They finally found a place where they dont feel they have a dark skin, due to the large presence of African American Community in Philadelphia.Their skin complexion is killing them, necessarily in presence of Chinese..Stupid Indians, people stereotype you not because of your skin complexion, because of what you are ...The Ghandies.....A WORLD A PART Where cows got rights, you jumping around after been recycled you dirty smelly Ghandies, dont Change a Sh@# (not your nickname, the 4 letter word) about what you are, You are low,as low as Los Chinos......
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