Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mestizos life in USA

They all need to be picked up and sent back to Mexico, PR, or whatever shit hole they are coming from, and yes, Puerto Rico, Boricua are the worst of all parasites since the massive wave of immigration of Boricua into the State, Taino descendants, never worked since again, and their status as the front line target of the government reparation for Taino descendants, doesn't make it any better, they stand as the Public assistance primary recipients, competing Negroes, Mexicans get a lot of federal aid too so they can finance their Reconquista (as ironic as it sounds) but in term of statistic Negroes and Boricua got the big share of Uncle Sam free money due to their tendency to be unemployed more than any other race, Boricua are more defaillant than Mexicans, at least Mexicans are brave enough to work for their money, Puerto Rico all they do is dump their scum of ignorant criminals, drug addicts and whores, and reject, and here we go this is the base demographic of the Puerto Rican community in america, unproductive PARASITES, spreading immorality and joining Negros in inhabiting Ghetto areas, creating an medieval moral corruption milieus. This is not to praise Mexicans; they are here taking our jobs cuz they will work for next to nothing. They live 3 or more familias in a house and can pack 30 of themselves in a van to get around. They all have fake Id's and fake documentation to be here. They save their money to buy vehicles but have no drivers licenses. Most of them cannot speak English and refuse to learn it. There is however always one in the group that can speak English. They need each other here to survive and live their lives as liars in this country. They do everything underground from getting tags for their vehicles, and filing taxes under Americans ssn#'s without the person knowing it. They are dirty, sneaky and liars! They come get american white women pregnant (usually fat women) so that they have ties to this country. When they file taxes, usually since they cannot claim the child they produced here, they use family members that live in Mexico                                                                 to use a claimant on their taxes. MESTIZOS ARE LIARS, CHEATERS AND CRIMINALS!
Posted on a Texas Forum, Adjusted to fit this Blog.

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