Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dominicans suffer from a Cultural inferiority complex

Check out the transformation of roasted spic...
I doubted Spics in general got an appearance related inferiority complex, but never imagined that for Dominicans it reaches an ridiculous level ...It's like the roasted spics got their own
Michael Jackson.


Race aside, I honestly think that most or a large chunk of dominicans (compare to other latin americans) suffer from a cultural inferiority complex. For example, on the dominicantoday forum I've read many comments where Dominicans often try their hardest to associate themselves with other caribbean countries, I've heard some dominicans on there say:

"Some Venezuelans are more of my paisanos than people from the coasts"

"We cibaenos are basically puerto ricans who speak with la i"

"should cuba, DR and Puerto Rico be one country?"

Among many other comments. I've been on a Puerto Rican forum, and absolutely noone was desperate to associate themself with another nationality by saying ridiculous things like:

"We from the Cordillera Central are Cubans who eat mofongo" or "Some Coastal Colombians are more of my paisanos than the people of Loiza"

And not a single person is interested in any sort of unification, only Dominicans. Dominicans like to believe that the rest of the hispanic caribbean is a carbon copy of them while Puerto Ricans and Cubans are willing to tell you how distinct they are to the point that they may even resort to making fun of Dominicans/other caribbean hispanics

Too many Dominicans seem so uninterested in their culture, they don't even support their own artists. They'd much rather see Marc Anthony or Gilberto Santorosa live than say, Fernando Villalona. Puerto Ricans support their artists to the max, which is why you see more of those lame Puerto Rican MERENGUEROS than DOMINICAN ones performing on channels like Univision and winning all of the merengue awards. The vast majority of Dominican artists are either forced to perform in cheap restaurants or move to neighboring countries to gain fame. Why is it that our legends like Fernando Villalona, Johnny Ventura, Anthony Santos, Alex Bueno etc. are hardly known in Latin America let alone the rest of the Caribbean region? Because Dominicans only want to support Puerto Rican clowns.

IT's the truth. I think many Dominicans are desperate to prove that they're more similar to cubans and puerto ricans than to haitians, which is why too many of them ALWAYS have to remind people of it. I have never seen a "should the Hispanic Caribbean be one country" thread on a puerto rican or cuban forum, never. But I've seen many on both Dominicantoday and DR1. They also have to make it a point to prove how much people around the world like their music by saying "Colombians/Panamanians/Puerto Ricans/etc. love merengue" but comments like these are never made by non-Dominican latinos about their respective music, they're just proud of it.

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