Friday, January 7, 2011

Are niggers really free?

Almost 90% are living on welfare......Is this freedom?'s like the whole race is dependent of the system ... It's slavery reparation, but nobody talk about it ...Mestizos getting welfare too... Their ancestors were victim of the largest genocide in the history of the world...Americans are trying to apologize for their ancestor actions.....Now white race looks pretty missed up, the middle class collapsing to poverty, and niggers hitting on every white wife and her daughter in sight ...Latino making tons of cash illegally and sending it south of the border, if things get messed up, they got an insurance in their native country ...and white will be stuck here with poverty and damaged white vagina.

Honestly, Are Blacks really free?
Can they be independents? can they survive without all kinds of government assistance, and positive discrimination like if they were handicaped members, it's the way of whites to say "sorry folks about our common history, slavery and sheet..."
Can they do other kind of work other than those especially made to integrate them? especially made to the Niggers lazy nature and low IQ. i.e. Security guards...they are all black...That was a good idea....Niggers hung out in corners and in entrance of buildings anyway, So, the brilliant idea was to put them in uniforms, letting them hung around in corners and buildings entrance, same way as they do anyways, except now they will get paid for it....How brave, original slavery reparation way.
Y'all so pathetic.

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