Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cars in USA

Cars in USA, Widely used for:
Interracial mostly black in white purposes.
Or for prostitution/pedophilia delivery by Mestizos and Chinos....

Brief, USA is disgusting

Cars in USA represent the disgusting interracial sex and perversion in USA, they represent how American females are junk damageable and undesirable females...
USA got united on an interracial blow job and interracial sex..Richard man explained how blacks deflower females in USA....

Cars in USA represent the perfect example of recycling immigrant trash from all over the world...from Spics passing by Indians to Asians....

Spics are well known to be whores class in USA, cars are used to delivers kids whores degaging an huge profit allowing the use of bigger cars..

Asians are well known of promoting pedophilia in USA same way back in China.
Chinese promote the continuation of their pedophilia culture in USA using cars as well as spics.

Shit skin...It's just degrading to get compared to a shit skin.

Untitled from ver tigo on Vimeo.

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