Sunday, March 13, 2011

The African American Issue

Niggers aka African Americans are like animals, they should either be domesticated, kept in a reserve or in a cage.Other wise they will inflect harm to others via different ways.

Crimes committed by Niggers are higher than crimes committed by any other race.
===> They are not domesticated yet.

Kept in a cage:
Niggeers compose the higher population of prisons.
=====> Some of them are kept in cages.

Kept in a reserve:
Until now, there is no reserve for niggers like it was for Native Americans ( they are savages too, I guess white females didn’t like them a lot).

That explain and caused the undomestication of Niggers.As a natural result.

The ultimate solution for niggers issue is:

=====> They must be kept in a reserve, since it’s impossible to domesticate them, and it’s impossible to put them all in a cage (prison) it would be inhuman.

The reserve is the solution for Niggers issue and the only way to a better peaceful and brighter future.

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