Monday, March 21, 2011

The Cross......and the Finger, PARASITES ....and Religion

"Ah, pastor, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Katie Petersen, a close personal friend of my wife and I." He placed his firm hand on Katie's shoulder, squeezing softly. "Katie ... Pastor Nathaniel Miller. Nathaniel is an old friend of mine from way back. In fact, we were at college together. I'm sure you'll join me in welcoming him to Riverside Baptist Church."

Katie suddenly felt bad, realizing that she had not event noticed the minister throughout the whole service, but she smiled sweetly at the genial, handsome black man, thanked him for the service and told him how overjoyed she was to welcome a friend of Don's.

Nathaniel Miller's smile was comfortably disarming, his handshake warm and firm, lingering more than was conventional. "Pleased to meet you, Katie. "Don's told me a lot about you. I gather you've helped with our youth outreach program?"

"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me about an hour this morning. I want to sort out new responsibilities and discuss plans. Don, too, of course."

Katie had left the baby with Brenda again but hadn't given her a return time - and, the chance to spend some time with Don really appealed to her.

"Of course, Nathaniel. I'd be happy to."

Nathaniel returned, placing the tray on the coffee table. Don got up and poured them and Nathaniel sat down on the sofa next to Katie, stretching out and turning to her. They discussed various aspects of the town and community as they sipped coffee and then got onto the outreach program, sorting out changes in responsibility and direction. Katie was pleased that Nathaniel's vision was very much the same as hers and knew they would work well together. In fact, Nathaniel revealed that one of the boys that the program had taken under its wing was currently staying with him while he sorted out more permanent accommodation. It was a boy who Katie had taken a particular interest in, who had been kicked out of his parents home when he had revealed that he was bisexual. The fact that he was highly promiscuous hadn't helped either. Nathaniel was keen to help him as, although just eighteen, was still at school.

He whispered in her ear. "Did you think men of the church don't have passions, too? Hell, I've been locked away in conservative old Carterton for too long. I deserve it, don't I?" He winked at her and then looked over at Don who was grinning widely at Katie's amazed expression. "Hey buddy, what say you and Katie introduce me to the cinema next time you go?"

"Sure," Don replied. "What do you say, hon?"

Katie found she was almost laughing in disbelief. "I can't believe this," she almost whispered. "Minutes ago you were preaching a sermon about ..."

"Brotherly and sisterly love," Nathaniel finished off for her, his arm strengthening its hold on her shoulders. His handsomely face creased into a playful smile and Katy was struck by the softness of his lips and his strong white teeth. His closeness and the strength of his arm around her shoulders added to her feeling of ease with this man, but she was still totally taken aback.

Don readily obliged, sliding down the zip and reaching inside for it. He tugged it out and Katie involuntarily sucked in her breath. It was the first time she'd actually seen it in full light, and, apart from being struck by the pale skin of the shaft and the gray-blue hue of the exposed head, she was struck afresh by its healthy bulk.

"Look at that big thing, honey," Nathaniel husked, his thumb now teasing her erect nipple trough her blouse. "Just think ... you had that deep inside your pussy."

Katie smiled and nodded. Her embarrassment had slipped away fast, and she responded to the black man, snuggling against his broad chest and savoring his clean smell.

"Mmmmmm, how did that feel, pushing between those swollen wet lips?" he whispered. "Sinking into you ... stretching your beautiful pussy?"

"Wonderful," she breathed huskily, writhing against him at the memory.

"Nice, isn't it baby?" he said, delighted and excited by her look of total appreciation of his friend's black-skinned organ. She just continued to stare at it, amazed that less than an hour after she had been watching the pastor deliver a sermon, here she was holding his gorgeous dick. She stroked downwards so that the foreskin rolled away from the knob and it emerged pink and glistening. A little pearl of precum oozed from the wide pee hole and she smoothed it over the taut, glistening head with her thumb. Nathaniel shuddered with delight at the feeling.

She turned her face to Nathaniel's, looking into his dark soulful eyes. He brought his lips down to hers and kissed her, his tongue pushing into her mouth. They kissed long and hard, reacting passionately, groaning softly and moving urgently against one another. Nathaniel's hand moved down from her breast and slid under her skirt, pushing it back up her thighs as he found her panty crotch and hooked the crotch aside. His big black fingers played with the swollen lips and then slid inside. Katie moaned louder and parted her legs wider, giving him better access.

"Oh GOD!" Katie squealed. Don saw that Nathaniel had her panties right off now and both of her gorgeous tits were out of her dress, the nipples fully engorged. He was plunging two of his fingers into her, his forefinger in her cunt and his middle finger in her ass. Katie appeared to be holding onto his rampant black shaft for dear life as she writhed and bucked on the sofa.

"Jesus!" Mitch gasped to Don. "She's fuckin' hot!"

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