Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stereotyping America Part-1

previously by Franco TaMere
Basically I stereotype America by History related Colors like in
But, I went even further to a global overview based on the degree of enlightenment and the state of mind, which will be the base of the main website of TaMere Network, drawing the orange line since the birth of humanity and distinguishing between 2 main different blood lines since Adam and eve, this will be the main them that TaMere Net will base its main site on. But for now I use these 2 definitions:

PIGS: referring to Americans because they suck the Homo Erectus penis to get United and to keep the Union. They are drown in their lust, and when they wake up, probably it will be too late.

Shit People: Refers to a lower form of life that exist in America, rooted mainly from slaves descendants and native Americans remains in improved look, inhabiting Ghetto and marginal areas forming second class citizens or people of color.

This New definition bien que englobe the whole stupid masses and divide America in a horizontal even level into upper and lower groups, based on social class, ignoring the history related colors  of the different racial groups, distinguishing between PIGS and shit people.
Basically, this definition is not related to the state  of mind and the degree of enlightenment of the individual, which will be presented later on, in TaMere Network main site,  since a priori Americans are presumed drowning into darkness, totally brainwashed and living in a quasi virtual state of illusion,  so, as a consequence, there is only the distinction that will be made between PIGS  and Shit people, as long as the states are  united and people are under the state of mass mental enslavement... 

The global  planetary division by the orange line drawn by Franco TaMere with the guidelines of Md. Atta our spiritual adviser, will be presented as cited before in TaMere Network main site,  for now we limit our champs d'analyse to raw spontaneous blogging, the so anticipated orange line will trace its roots from the birth of Human kind; Adam, Eve and Satan and the 2 blood lines of good and evil ignoring any nationality, race, ethnic group, color, believe or religion, the 2 sides of good and evil are beyond individual control, and often one have no control on the corruption of his soul, different circumstances conclude to a corrupted soul, and once the soul is corrupted its evil controlled and Satan ownership, as a result the 2 sides are a la fois, distinctly separated au soul level and ambiguously divided in the daily life level.
Back the PIGS and Shit People:
The reaction of the stupid masses to my recent reflections about their pathetic existence and  my definitions caused the the submergence of some serious interactions, often getting ridiculous, claiming that I  misjudged them, my definition is not fair, and that they  be better than PIGS et tout, they are better than that, and they be doing Brown power and NYC power of Immigrants, they are about to take over, do la Reconquesta or whatever they call it, While doing the Incognito Shit people with  their 5 dollars Ray Ban sun glasses and some ridiculous facial hair decorations.   

On the other hands...PIGS are like; we be skin Head, and white power...while their women mouth smells Negros uncut penis...with funny sun glasses as well, camouflaging the signs of aging surfacing their face post 30's. Or they be like we from Europe  doing the self hate attitude implemented in their mind by sa Majesty Franco TaMere since his sejour au states  mocking every aspect of their American life and troubling their illusion of America is so great and  it is so great to be American, opening their eyes on the sad reality of "Thick Stupid People" decorated by the greatest superficiality in the world.

Now, Stupid thick people, let me explain...

To be continued in part-2

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