Sunday, May 3, 2015

America Gone Oral (AGO)

P.S. This post is a combination of extraits from Lee Puniisher facebook, it seems of vague meaning, it serve a purpose, when and why it was posted.  

911: conspiracy theories vs terrorist attacks.

A lot of shit going on, you will never know...between a perfect conspiracy which is unfeasible do to the limited abilities of the human nature...and terrorist attack competing Hollywood best movies scenarios, which is more plausible, but its credibility is limited by the so called the "Conspiracy theorists", who forged an whole alternative scenario of the events....Both conspiracies and attacks are founded on solid arguments, but the overall scenario is that planes crashed on WTC, and Pentagon... Which is really entertaining (ignoring the fact that few thousand innocent peoples perished)... nobody in Hollywood ever made such a great action movie, so for the average Joe, typical American, either its a conspiracy or an attack... (in my opinion I tend to favorite the scenario of coordinated attacks.)

...The average American been mocked until the bone: their government slaughters few thousands spectacular live show, or the so called terrorist who try to drive plane between skyscrapers, but apparently ignored traffic signs or just they got their drivers licence from a Chinese driving school....

Using the term "Negros"
I didn't get to that total mental superiority same as my last days of working out, while taking my last pic the morning of a day that is graved in your memory forever when planes ignored traffic signs in NYC... Well, not the old total mental superiority but I started perceiving Americans as another specie, which is a good debut vue the circumstances and what I've been through.... ...Negro talking about "the masses" lol come on Bro it don't fit in the sentence, why you still going by "Monkey see, monkey do" far from me comparing a bro to an ape, its just an expression ce qui m'amene a invoquer certain book published at the end of 1800's which I used large passages in my work about Negros Issue, the book is a serious study about Negros in all their mental physical and intellectual aspects, it present Negros "with no independent mental or intellectual abilities, other than mimicking whites and using their vocal cords to present long discours based on what they heard from others and reformulating it "

AGO, subjective mass Sterilization of America
As it was reported to your honorable knowledge, the decision of "America Gone Oral" was taken and been enforced since May 3rd 2011, the day after you committed the cold blooded execution style murder, while the colored president and Pigs are watching live from the "White trash House" ..But you cant beat the planes crashing in the towers live on national television, competing Hollywood best productions..And it took you almost 10 years to find him, what happened to your movie scenarios...?

It been an "mission impossible" for more than 9 years.. Brief, what happened happened, murder execution style, the community International unable to do shit face to your tyranny, bon we decided that since that day "America Gone Oral"(AGO), Now Les Chiennes, which in this case represent all females present on the American territory at any given time from all ethnic, racial, religious and national backgrounds, well, les chiennes start speculating on who the decision of AGO is targeting... 

America: mass corruption of Souls
Well, the heat of AGO start making les chienne worried about their womanhood, or as I like to call it: Satan Ovulating, thanks to a certain french priest in Boston. well, my decision are founded on serious facts, it been proved that America is the modern day babylon, and American spirit and symbol as the whore of babylon, another representation of Evil or Satan, which got no gender nor a certain physical or single spiritual representation other than Evil in all its states of mind, America rise up as a superpower post the 70's revolution, when Negros start hooking whites on weed, and oral and homo sex, massive interracial sex was going on, creating a hybrid Evil race which is Americans as we know them today...Union between Black and White is Evil and unholy, the offsprings are God damn corrupted souls. been going on for generation ce qui explique "Satan Ovulating" and AGO..

Say No to discrimination between Thick Stupid people
Bon voila, previously I explained why AGO, by the simple fact that "Satan is Ovulating" in America and rising up the flag as the tyrannic evil superpower.. Now les chiennes be like...Its not about me, I'm from this or that background; now bloody creatures, reconsider my definition of les Chiennes: Its, any female from any ethnic, racial, religious or national background, present on the American territory at any given time, if you got off from JFK yesterday; today, you are a chienne. Basically, me surfacing as Lee Puniisher on FB, and in different other figures elsewhere, as well as my partners, we don't have a certain ethnic, racial, religious or national appartenance, we float in the air, the only stratification we believe in is Good and Evil with everybody the right to make peace with its soul and creator any way it feels long as its in the Good side and avoid the corruption of soul which is caused by breathing the air present on the American territory...

AGO, Fighting moral decay...

Ok, bon, when les chiennes be like speculating, bitching or chewing their Gum, expecting that AGO will epargne their witch soul, now consider this scenario: all of you afros, blonds, brunettes, hijab, purple, redhead... Imagine in WWII Hitler standing with the world map poster on a table, now, instead of Hitler is Lee Puniisher who is pointing on the north American continent exactly on the United States and giving orders: "Gone Oral Here!" 

Désormais, American Females are incarnation of Evil entities, their soul is Evil owned, haunted by the Beast spirit that raised, and thrived on the American territory, post the 70's revolution through American females vagina and mouth taking control of their Mind and Soul.
That’s why females in America are the Incarnation of the Whore of Babylon as a feminine representation of Satan…Evil or whatever you want to call it.

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