Friday, March 27, 2009

Debat: Light skinned niggers vs dark skinned.

Introduction:History of colors

On a plantation, there are basically two types of slaves. The Dark skinned slaves AKA field slave is risky, adventurous and always thinking about freedom. He wants to make a life for himself where he is free to live as he pleases. He doesn’t want to live under the boot heel of his abusive, jealous master. He constantly thinks of a better life away from the plantation. The Light skinned Slave AKA house slave, on the other hand, is quite happy with his condition. Even though he is hated and feared on the same level as the field slave, he is quite content to live under the tyranny of his master. Despite his squalid conditions and low social status, he will defend the same people who would rather see him eliminated.

Now lets See whats some sistas think about all that ...:
Keisha :
"No, I'm not gonna sit here and say they're better than dark-skinned black women, but if you are a black woman with a lighter complexion than most, or 'light skinned', have you ever been mistreated mostly because people rely on the myth that all light skinned black women (including, women of black/white, bi-racial descent) are stuck up, or hussies?

I myself have felt like every other black woman has seen me as some type of rival and it pisses me off for them to think that I think that I'm better than them because I'm lighter. I understand some darker skinned black women feel like they're under."

Karda :

"First of all I don't see why you would think that all dark skinned sistas view you as a rival. Who told you this or why do you feel this. I am a Black sista so the darker I am the more black beauty I have. If a brotha likes black woman then he is probably more attracted to a dark skinned sista. So I don't see you as my rival so why do you think I do.? Are you throwing out the fact that lighter skinned sistas are better looking? If so in whose eyes? I think you are grossly over exaggerating the fact that you are light skinned therefore in some way better than the dark skinned sistas".

Tannisha :

"I'm much lighter than you,(at least by that picture) but I've never met a dark skinned Black girl to view me as a rival. They usually have more confidence than me. A lot of people seem to want to bleach their skin, thinking "light is right" or that they won't get as teased when they're dark skinned. They act as if we don't have problems too. There are plenty of pretty dark skinned girls, but some girls are so insecure. I think it's sad when people bleach their skin. Anyway, I always thought people stereotyped dark skinned girls as tramps. Most dark skinned girls I see wear tight midrifts and have a nasty, syuck up attitude. I know that back in the 50's -90's guys thought light skinned girls were stuck up. Back in those times many probably were stuck up".

Kapisha :

"They only treat you that way because a lot of the times the darkest child in the home is treated with the least amount of they always have to compete with their siblings for attention. So, they feel the same sense of competition outside of the home as well.

The lighter is better myth...or I call it because even the black culture believes in white superiority(as the media programs us this way)...therefore, the closer a black woman is to that white blonde hair blue eyes lady...the more superior she is(this of course is all subconscious).

Personally, I'm not light and I'm not dark so I dont have either issue."(may be shes grey

I am latina and christian aint no nigger im a negra ..

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