Thursday, October 1, 2009

American culture...Disgusting

Americans are ridiculous compared to other countries, they are like a bunch of primitive animals , maybe its due to the large population of African Americans in America , and to the fact of white females worship the big black penis as a part of a national ritual unique to the united states of America....So all Americans debates are about , penises sizes , muh big black dick , origin of homosexuality ,who's gayest black or white ? is this true that all Latinos are gays .., what is the smell of a Latina' vagina ?It is OK for married men to suck dick ? Why all Latinas are prostitute?
why Asians have small dicks? ....That's what Americans are debating
The whole world know Stupid Americans , only trough the media , or by power exhibition that America is famous for ; that's the image uncle SAM wants to give to the world...The daily life reality in America is way different, Americans are like pigs, no wonder some people call them "monkey's dick suckers nation" Since the sexual revolution of the 70's and the black men progressively taking on white females , and the white males cant do a shit about it , it's like it was part of that revolution or an way of the American spirit to evolute , since after the 70's the racial tensions like by magic dramatically disappeared , the black men , at this period of time were still struggling discrimination (white/colors era)assimilate the American society , in a spectacular way , of course nobody doubted that's blacks assimilate in the white society from inside the white vagina ....American were busy enjoying sexual freedom ;"deep throat"mark an change in American sex life ...the role of the evil black man in all that never questionable , homosexuality is more than ever an American life style, a white wife having a b lack lover is routine in the society , not tolerate it is being not civilized , white girls compete on the biggest black penis they sucked on , or stretched their white , vagina,like par hasard homosexuality in USA bet all the record of the world (Lucifer is homo), and all that making up the American culture , of course invisible trough the international media ...Thats why Americans spend the most of their time debating penises sizes among all races and species that make the American infrastructure due to the o African American evil big black dick Funny thing is all races and species that compose the united states of America been integrated in American life ans American culture , like every thing that move on this land is a pervert animal...So u see Latinos ( the lowest of all perverts in USA) promoting that they have bigger dicks than Asian , that all Asians do in America is open massage service to jerk off who ever is whiling to pay for it , that Asians use child prostitute ...due to some very young look of Asian prostitute (stupid spics).
Asians always talking about how their penis are bigger then Indians and Pakistani, and insinuate how all Latinas are prostitutes , and that they fuck every thing that move for a couple of dollars having a record of customers each day , making their vagina the stinkiest of all females in America , also Asian tend to claim that all Latinos are homo or sodomic . finally Asian always try to prove the use of Latino kids prostitute in Latin America and in USA.
None white Americans (euro trash) often imported or descendant from smuggled sex slave...since they live in USA and tasted the big black snake ,and knows how things works in America , and the joy that females in America (all races ) knows via devil's dick, the little bit of dignity that still in their blood , push them to as garbage as they are to making some remarks about the interracial sex life in USA ( didn't u taste the black snake yourself).
By the way its funny blacks says the small white penis is a curse to whites (normal animals thinking)....
Whites tell blacks ...they got devil's penis (actually that's my theory )
Latinos keep on working for cash and prostituting family members to whites who don't wants white females back after they gone black.
Asian keep on kissing whites ass , and suck their balls in an desperate way to white assimilate , the amount of , when they talk they sounds like squealing pigs.By the way Asians are in Asia , the funny faces u see in america are reject, coward, sellouts ,smuggled slaves.

Indians and Pakistani keep on fighting their inferiority complex they have toward "white Asian" aka Chinese , by taking any possible chance to damage Chinese reputation in America.
P.S. females in America... keeping your lips tight close don't means your vagina ain't stretched out ; this is America, god damn it!!, it just makes look ridiculous.

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  1. you're an ignorant piece of shit ! :D
    you want to talk about homosexuality, yet you sat here and took the time out to write all about "dick" and "penis". none of what you're saying is factual or can be proven through a source. but your stupidity shows on it's own though, so i think it's safe to say that you're a fucking idiot ^.^