Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Part of the Solution

This is a part of the solution of the degradation of family value, the perversion and the pedophilia that submerges NYC and usa in general....
Chinos are perverts where ever they exist, they bring lowness and perversion, they have no morales, no family China ..funny faces land the extra babies over the one allowed, since these pigs overpopulated because of their perversion , and because they breed like rats, the CCP that enslave their ass imposed the one kid policy. Alors the extra babies over the one allowed is an unwanted production, in a nation with no morales, no civilized value, the extra babies end up sold, to be used as male or female prostitute ( wonder, why Chinese filter their internet), that's considered an civilized solution, the unlucky babies are sold to restaurant that provide human babies plates.....
Récapitulons....In China extra babies are eaten, or in the best of cases are fucked

Long time ago, when America has some family value, conscience and a descent society, before Niggers start demolishing your female while you enjoying it...jejeje , well long time ago when people were aware of the danger of los chinos existence in the society, due to their perversion, immorality, and lack of the minimum of decency that characterize any given human being, in fact los chinos are like wild perverts animals they live to eat, and rules, except celle of the CCP...People of this time took the wise decision of the "Chinese Exclusion Act". an Act that ban Chinese immigrants mainly due to the fact that they all presumed prostitutes....

Unfortunately, family values changed a lot in USA, there was the civil rights movements, the Martin, Luther king...the sexual revolution of the 70's , the reconnaissance of USA as blow job nation,(aka monkies dick suckers nation) the sexual freedom, the explosion of homosexuality in USA and the reconnaissance of USA as destination and paradise for homos from all over the world, the cuckold tradition is a part in the American family value , the interracial sex become a life style in USA ...all these elements are related, Martin Luther King failed, the Big Black Cock succeeded....jejeje

All these changes in the American society induced the annulation of the "Chinese exclusion act" and the acceptance of little Chinos in the society, to réconfort white men that feel sad because they cant satisfy a white female since the réussite of the BBC revolution.composing what we call now " Chinese Americans".

The Solution is

Chinese exclusion Act must be reconsidered, it will be a condition for other issues.
Chinese are a low race...every Chinese is considered a priori a whore doesn't matter what occupation she exercise....They are doing other kind of work just because they saturated the market of prostitutes in USA and all over the world, check out craigslist adult ads use the keyword Asian ( they stereotype themselves Asians, Chinese is a little degrading.) you will see that it's a whores race...whenever there is adult ads on news paper the crashing major part is Chinese prostitutes...So when they the Prostitution market is saturated by Chinese they start doing other kind of work...

P.S. We dont care if there is no action, and we doubt, since we recognize the evolution of the American society since then, we are just proposing a solution/condition, and it's related to greater issues..
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