Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's USA is standing on...

The little dark secret that the media never expose is that the USA is standing and united-since Freedom isn't free- at the price of females vagina ....the USA is united about an interracial blow job and penetration....
The Only way the blacks integrate the society is trough white females vagina and mouth....dont give me that shit of the constitution, civil rights bills, and all created equal....Nobody likes black females...the black race will see itself marginalized, isolated without the American females competing on the biggest black dick they can get....marginalized and isolated means racial tensions and ethnic discrimination, the imminent result is riots, leading to revolt...with the growing number of blacks and blacks friendly minorities, a civil war is not an improbable result.
So we must say that females in USA are doing an patriotic duty by stretching their vagina wide open to any black that ask for it, plus it's part of the American culture and the modern American society. it's as natural the same way as going to Mc Donald.

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